Chapter 14.

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That night, while I was watching T.V, the phone rang and my heart raced. Anna? I ran to the cordless phone and scooped it up.

"YellOw" I said into the phone, popping the O.

"hi, is Cason there?" A girl said on the other line.

Oh god, it was Anna. Great. Um... I didn't know what to do.

"yes, one MOMENT." I said awkwardly in a Spanish accent.

AGh what was I thinking? I stood there for a second then put the phone to my mouth again.

"Hi, this is Cason." I said slowly.

"Hi, it's Anna....Who was that man?" She asked, sighing awkwardly.

"the butler. Um whats up?" I said quickly.

I thought about it being Anna. Dang, was she gonna talk about earlier today!? Oh no. I was silent and so was she. My hand instinctively sprung to my face and I felt my sore cheek from being slapped by Anna.

"I just want to know why you did that with Aaron earlier today....Do you...Do you like me?" Anna said, mumbling the last part.

I froze. What would I say? That I like her as a friend and just hate Aaron? No. I would tell her the truth for once...

'Well, what I meant by 'shes mine' is that your my friend. And-er- I thought he was going to ruin our friendship. And I just hate Aaron.' I managed to lie.

My eyes were beginning to tear up but I wiped them and made myself manly.

"Oh okay....And?" Anna said sourly.

"And I'm sorry." I muttered.

"And you what? I couldn't quiet hear?" She joked.

"And I'm sorry," I sighed.

'what about Aaron?"

Anna sighed and there was a moments hesitation.

'I don't like him any more...Actually, I never REALLY liked him...more like just as a friend. I already phoned and told him. HE wouldn't even apologize. So you don't have to worry about him ruining our friendship now!" She laughed.

I was grinning from ear to ear. Aaron was long gone and wasn't coming back again. It had a opening for me and Anna, but I knew it was rapidly closing. after not telling her the truth AGAIN....Now telling about how I loved her....I knew it for a fact. I was out of luck. Maybe me and Anna just aren't meant to be after all.


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