Chapter 15. Last Chapter :(

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The Next day, I met Anna in the forest. Once again she was wearing a light pink short skirt and a tight graphic T-shirt. Her hair rested, curly and bueatiful, on her lean shoulders.

"hey Cason, whats up?" anna smiled as we walked through the forest.

"Nothing much." I said glumly, hiding it nicely.

Anna nodded and we walked on silently. It was insanely awkward. Then Jordon and Jason called me over to them and I shrugged. Saved by the bell!

"Bye Anna. See you in class. First subject is gym, see you later." I smiled.

Then I ran down to Joron and Jason and we walked into the school. We sat at our desks and I talked to Jason who sat two desks behind me. we laughed until the teacher made us read. We all were reading until the teacher stood in front of the class.

"Time for gym. We're playing predator in the forest again. Go on!" The teacher announced.

I bolted so fast that I might have actually lost EVEYRONE. Even Jason and Jordon! They caught up to me when I started walkign though.

"I say we stay around the borders, only once in a while sprinting through the left side of the forest and over to the log." Jordon stated, grinning at his plan.

'we need to stay with someone, have a partner to help." Jason said.

I frowned.  I never had a partner. And I NEVER planned on having one.

"No. No partners, they just slow you down and attract attention. We need to stay in the bushes by the ditch to the right side and sprint from trees to trees. Let's go." I grinned.

We sprinted into the forest where the teacher met us. She handed us all dark grenn pinnys. we all started running when a girl in my class started to count down from fifteen. I was running towards the ditch, when I saw Anna in it.  She was sitting in the shade from a pine tree, thinking deeply about something. And I knew it wasn't about the game. My heart raced and I didn't know why. I walked very slowly towards her. She didn't see me yet. It was like everything was in slow motion...Then something flashed in my head:

"Do you want to dance, Anna?" I asked.

Anna frowned and slowly pulled away.

"I think I should go. Aaron isn't here and I just, yeah..." She smiled.

"But, I'll see you later. I got to go."

Then Anna walked out and I sighed.

I gasped and came back to present. I started walking towards Anna, faster. Another memory came into my head:

"I thought you didn't recognize me." I said.

Then she grabbed my face and pecked me on the lips with hers. It felt so weird. Like I was hit by a spark of lightning. I had never been kissed before, even though people have tried. But what was this....? This wasn't a REAL kiss, was it? Kisses were....different. Overall, when she did, I could taste her minty breath and I realized she could probably taste my bubble gum toothpaste. When she just stared at me, I had no idea what to do, being a childish fifteen year old boy. We stared at eachother, not knowing what to say.

I shook my head. I was having all this flash backs of me and Anna! I found myself walking even faster towards her. She looked at me and smiled. All those times I was to afraid. That kiss that didn't matter to her, not telling her I loved her...It all came wieghing down on me at that very moment. I wasn't going to let her slip away again. I ran through the bushes towards her.

"Cason, what are you doing...?" She asked, staring at me weirdly.

I pulled her up and stared into her eyes. She looked up at me with shock.

"Anna, I love you." And before she could say anything, I kissed her.

My lips crashed into hers and I put my hands on her face. To my surprise, she didn't pull away. At first she just stood there, letting me kiss her, not doing anything, but after a few moments, she was kissing back. i realized she wanted this kiss to. Then I stopped kissing her and I found her just standing there, her eyes closed, waiting for me to kiss her more.

"C-cason..." She trembled.

I held her in my arms.

"Anna, I really, really like you." I said, my heart racing faster and faster.

Anna stared at me, wide-eyed.

"Cason, I love you to. I-I....I always some how knew I did. You're always just...there!" She laughed.

I grabbed her hand and squeezed it. She really did love me! I always thought....that she..didnt.

"really?" I asked, moving my face closer to hers.

She laughed.

"Since we met ten years ago!" She exclaimed.

I chuckled and connected my forehead to hers, we stood there, swaying.

"you're the first girl I've ever liked. So I am making a proposal...Want to hide with me for predator?" I smiled.

She laughed and nodded, her eyes watery with happyness.

"I do" She said, then we kissed, standing in the forest.

So we first met in a forest, then had our first kiss in a forest. And we had our first "I do" which lead a trail of many more " I do" 's in the future for me and Anna. but thats a different story. Those two words have become my best friend and the most important thign I will ever hear. And that's my story of being a fifteen year old boy, never liking anyone, and the one person I do end up liking becomes the most important woman in the world to me, later on.

The End

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