Chapter 2.

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Eight or more weeks later....

Once I woke up, I slid out of bed and pulled on my boots and coat. I hope Anna is there again, We've been playing forever now! I opened the door and slipped into the cold morning mist. I sprinted down the slippery hill and into the dark forest bellow. I walked aimlessly under the tall pine trees. A twig snapped behind me. I spun around to see Anna standing under the foliage of a pine tree.

"We shoulnd't be here." She frowned.

I scowled and stomped on the ground, mashing the mud underneath my feet.

"Why not?" I asked.

She pursed her lips and sat on the branch of a low tree.

"have you seen the newspaper lately?" She asked sourly.

"No. I don't look at silly newzpapers."

"Oh well, you should. I really enjoy looking at the pictures and trying to read the headlines."

"Anyways, what about the newspaper, woman!?" I yelled.

Anna shrugged.

"Go look for yourself." She sighed.

I galloped up the hill and pushed open my door. My mother and father were just waking up and I could hear them coming down the stairs. I quickly put away my coat and boots.

"Your up Early, Cason." My father smiled, sitting at the circular table and opening today's paper.

he put it down to go start making a pot of coffee. I snatched up the newspaper and stared down at the front page.

Seven Year Old Girl Kidnapped By Forty Year Old Man IN Cumberland

I looked down at the sketching of an old man with a bald spot and glasses. My father pulled it out of my little hands. Cumberland was where I lived.

"Didn't know you liked reading newspapers now, eh sport?" He chuckled.

i shook my head then clambered up the stairs and into my bed room. I dumped a basket of toy cars and Transformers on the floor and started to play with them, not a worry at all.

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