Chapter 4.

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bonjur! Sorry The chapters are so short, but thats how I wrote them! This chapter is very very very short but it sad :( *hand to hear* poor Cason! Please enjoy ma people!!!! <3 Pic on the side is of Cason's dadday!>>>>>>> ENJOY!!!!

goldie523 <3

The next day was a mixture of scolding and relief and angriness and happiness. My parents had called the police and the man was put to jail. After my mom and dad cooled off about the whole incident, Anna knocked on my door. My mom and dad said I should talk to her. Therefore, I scrambled out the door and closed it behind me. We sat gingerly on my front steps.

"Hi Anna." I mumbled.

Anna smiled at me, teary eyed.

"Hey....Cason." She managed to say.

"That was weird yesterday, huh?" I asked, smiling.

Anna gave me a big bear hug very tightly, then stopped and took a deep breath.

"I thought he was going to kidnap you!" Anna yelled.

"That wasn't just 'weird' that was the scariest thing ever! Especially for my parents...."

"Oh well....At least that man is gone now, huh? Now we can play in the forest together when ever we want!"

Anna looked at me sadly, her eyes watery.

"We Can't." She said, staring at her feet.

"Why not?" I asked, dumbfound.

"My parents are so scared about what happened that....we are moving away from here."

"What!? When!?" I exclaimed.

"Tomorrow morning." Anna said.

Then She stood up and began to walk down the hill towards her house. She turned around and started to walk backwards.

"Bye Cason." She smiled, then turned around and raced down the hill.

"By Anna."

that was the last time I ever saw Anna. A few days later, a husband and his wife were living in Anna's house happily.

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