Chapter 8.

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I was heading to school, and already late. I walked through the school's forest alone. I heard a twig snap behind me. I spun around to see Anna standing there, wearing a short short blue skirt and a T-shirt with cartoon clouds on it.

"hey, Cason." She smiled.

I waved and kept walking. She ran up to me and grabbed my shoulder, twisting me around to face her.

"I remember now!" She said frantically, her eyes flashing momentarily.

"You do?" I asked.

"Yes!" she exclaimed.

"I remember you almost being kidnapped; I remember how we went into the forest everyday together!"

"I thought you didn't recognize me." I said.

Then she grabbed my face and pecked me on the lips with hers. It felt so weird. Like I was hit by a spark of lightning. I had never been kissed before. But what was this...? This wasn't a REAL kiss, was it? Kisses were...different. Overall, when she did, I could taste her minty breath, and I realized she could probably taste my bubble gum toothpaste. When she just stared at me, I had no idea what to do, being a childish fifteen year old boy. We stared at each other, not knowing what to say.

"I just had to do that," She blushed.

"After not seeing you in so long. Sorry, that was just random. See you in class, okay?" She said, looking at her feet.

I nodded and she ran off. That was when the girl trouble began. I ran through the forest giddily until I made it into the classroom. People were just sitting down and opening their books. I slowly sat down next to Anna. She just kept reading, not even ever so slightly glancing my way.I quickly whipped out a piece of paper and began to right a note:

What was that about?

I wrote. Then I quickly handed it to Anna who took it unsuspectingly. I watched her face as she read it. her face turned red and guilty. She wrote something in red pen then handed me the note. this read:

I was really happy to see you and that's how I showed how happy I was. That's all, okay? I'm just glad we can be friends again!

I managed a little smile and she stopped blushing so much. Was that what friends do? Kiss each other in the forest alone before school?

"P.E. Class. Everyone head down to the forest to play predator." the teacher said,putting a bin of pinnys under her arm.

 Me, Jordon, and all of my friends instinctively ran out the door. We sprinted so fast that the rest of my class was left in the dust. Along with Anna to. I felt a bit guilty leaving her, but she seemed to ahve made friends with Alley, Carly, Avril, Tana, and Sierra. We huddled in the forest where the teacher explained the rules to Anna who looked scared to play.

"Why not just stick around with one of your friends then, Anna?" The teacher suggested, smiling.

Anna glanced over at me quickly, but I looked away as if I didn't notice. I wasn't going to hide with a partner, especially a GIRL. Jordon was it this time he started to count.

"15, 14, 13,12...." he counted steadily.

I sprinted down the forest floor and jumped through a wall of bushes into a small ditch in the midst of the trees and bushes. The sun shined on me brightly. I panted and was scanning the game play wehn somebody tapped on my shoulder. I jumped to the side and lay sprawled on a bunch of leaves. It was Anna.

"hey Cason!" She smiled.

"Anna, you got to stay quiet unless you want to be 'it'" I whispered.

She motioned as if she were zipping her lips closed and nodded. I started to climb out of the bushes. Anna sat there.

"Hey, where are you going? IS someone coming?" Anna asked.

"No, I'm just finding a new spot."

'Well this spot is perfect, why don't we just stay here?"

"because I want to keep moving, stay ahead of the game."

Anna stood up and started to follow me. great. I ran through a flock of low trees and slipped into a patch of bushes taller then me.  Anna followed and squeezed in next to me.

'Anna, you should really go, I'm going to run straight through the open forest floor. You might get tagged."

"What about you?"

I chuckled then made a strict face.

"I won't get caught. I'm going to hide behind the big log over there I grinned crazily.

Then I jumped through the bushes and sprinted as fast as I could through the forest, not getting tagged by any one. I finally made it to the log where I jumped behind it and breathed heavily. I slowly looked to my left to see about five girls hiding beside me. I nodded at then then scanned over the play.

"Sup." One of them said jokingly.

I nodded again. the whistle blew and I jumped out, hands in the air.

'I am a survivor! Victory is mine!" I yelled out.

My friend Jordon laughed, and then I joined the crowd with Jason, Jordon, and all the guys. Except one. I looked behind me to see Aaron flirting with Anna who was laughing at something apparently very funny. I pursed my lips and looked out into the distance, thinking. Is this what having a crush felt like? And is this what jealousy feels like? Well two can play that game....

Ooooooooh! does Cason finally have feelings for once!?!?!?! hmmmm, interesting! <3

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