Chapter 12.

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School went by so fast, by the time I blinked it was the end of school. All I could think of was that the prom was today. And that Anna isn't going to be with me, but some creep. I was walking home with Anna when Tana called me to see her.

"Oh, one second."  I grinned at the look on Anna's face, running down to see Tana.

I ran to Tana who smiled at me nervously.

"So come pick me up from my house at 6:00pm okay?" She said.

I nodded and looked back to see Anna talking to Aaron. I gave Tana a hug and I could feel her face turning red.

"O-okay. I'll see you then..." She said, then she ran off and joined her giggling group of friends.

What i was going to do later, I will not be proud of. But lets talk about that later. I ran back up to Anna who had just said good-bye to Aaron.

"I see your going with Tana?" Anna grinned, kicking a clump of dirt across the forest floor.

I smirked. Even though I don't like Tana. I never cared about girls. Except Anna now. Tana would be my plan to make Anna jealous. I had this all worked out.

"Yup. She cool." I said casually.

Anna nodded and we strolled on. I dusted some dirt off of my shorts and fixed my hair.

"I can't wait," Anna said excitedly.

"Aaron is going to be wearing a Tuxedo. A TUXEDO! hes so cute..." She smiled dreamily.

I looked down at my own clothes sheepishly. If she liked men in Tuxedos, maybe I should wear one. I think my dad has an old one.

"well, it's just a high school prom. He must be PRETTY spoiled..." I said as nice as possible.

This Aaron guy had to PAY. Anna frowned.

"Well, I guess I'll see you at the prom, Cason"

"Okay, see you soon." I said without emotion.

I started to walk away when I saw Aaron walk into his house just across the street from the forest. I took a deep breath. They don't call me sneaky for nothing. I ran across his fresh cut lawn and crouched next to his window. No one was in his room.  I pulled it open and slid inside, landing on my feet. His room was messy and dark. I knew I had to go to extremes to make sure Aaron didn't show up at the prom. I coughed on all his stuff, as much as I could on his pillow. Then I emptied out his water bottle and filled it with water from his toilette...then, yup, I spat in it. After that I did alot of things I am deffinatley NOT proud of! I even scrubbed the side of his toilette with his tooth brush.

Suddenly, I heard someone coming down the stairs. I ran over to the window, leaped ot, and ran down the street as fast as I could. I finally got home. I can't believe I just did that! I don't know what was going through my head at that moment, but I seemd to have a lust, a burning desire.....whats happening to me?

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