Chapter 10.

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"So is everyone ready for the prom in two days on Friday?" The teacher said at the end of the day.

I looked up.

'What?" I asked.

"Cason, you escort a young lady to the prom or go by yourself and enjoy some live music and punch! It's  quite fun. We've been discussing this for days now,!" The teacher said, marking someones homework with her red rimmed glasses hanging off of the bridge of her nose.

I looked around. I looked at Anna who was writing in her day planner, and all the girls who were staring at me with goo-goo eyes. Who would I take? ANNA......?

When the bell rang and we all started leaving, me and Anna headed straight for the forest. As we were walking towards it, Aaron called Anna's name. Anna turned around and he waved her over.

"one second." She said to me, then raced towards him.

I watched as Anna had her hands on Aaron's shoulder and Aaron was talking to her about something. They hugged and my face burned. Anna ran back up to me and we started walking.

"What was that about?" i asked.

Anna fiddled with her hands.

'oh nothing."  She smiled.

I made a half smile and we kept walking. We got into the forest and were walking down the path until I got the courage to say something.

"Um, Anna? I have no one to take to the prom, so I was wondering if you wanted to just, you know. go with each other?"

Anna grinned then blushed. She looked at a tree in the distance for a while, and then returned her attention to me.

'I would. but I'm sorry Cason, I'm going with Aaron." She smiled.

"Oh. Well i just need someone to go with." I blushed.

Anna looked guilty and she pursed her lips and thought.

"Well why don't you go with Tana? She seems real nice." She smiled.

I shrugged.

"Maybe. this is my street now, see you tomorrow."

"Bye Cason!"

Then we went off in separate directions.

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