Chapter 7.

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I was sitting in my desk, tapping my pencil boredly, when the teacher stood up and said that a new student would be arriving into our class soon. All I could think of was how much I wanted it to be another dude! Half an hour later, a girl walked into the class room. She had long brown hair, a pretty face, and wore a really short pink skirt and a graphic T-shirt.

"This is Anna Davidson." The teacher announced, smiling.

"Go sit in that empty desk next to Cason, right over there." She pointed.

Anna Davidson  went and sat in the empty desk to my left. I stared at her, dumbfounded. I had a flash back:

"My parents are so scared about what happened that....We are moving away from here."

"What!? When!?"

"Tomorrow morning." Anna said.

Then she stood up and began to walk down the hill towards her house. She turned around and started to walk backwards.

"bye Cason." She smiled, then turned around and raced down the hill.

"Bye Anna." I whispered.

Could this be THE Anna? My best friend at the age of five? The girl I never saw again. I was still staring at her when she asked for a pencil. I slowly handed one to her.

"I'm Cason." I said quickly.

"I'm Anna, as you know." She smiled, looking down at her pencil as she sharpened it.

"I'm CASON." I repeated, leaning closer to her.

She looked around, blushing. Then she leaned close to me to.

"I hear the first time!" She giggled.

I started to read my book because It was silent reading time, my mouth gaping. Did she not remember me? On the other hand, maybe this wasn't even her. I could prove it.

"Now, Anna, why don;t you stand up and tell us about yourself?" The teacher said, smiling.

Anna stood up and walked to the front of the class, smiling brightly.

"Well," she said.

"I was born and raised in Cumberland. I lived in a small, old house in the middle of no where in Cumberland until I was five, which was when I moved here..."

I shot my hand up into the air.

"yes, Cason?" She frowned.

"Why did you move?" I asked loudly.

The class giggled.

"Well, I don't quite remember."

"Was it because it wasn't safe?" I asked.

She looked at me and shrugged, her face burning.

"Maybe. Anyways..." She carried on.

I looked around the room. All the girl were staring at me as if they thought I had a crush on her. PUH-lease. I shrugged and mouthed 'what!?'.

Then I returned my attention to Anna.

'And that's all!" She finished, smiling happily.

Everyone clapped and she returned to her seat where she pulled out a book. This has to be THE Anna! The bell rang later and everyone went out into the hallways and into their lockers. Anna's locker was underneath mine, on the bottom.

"Anna," I said.

"Yeah?" She asked, looking up at me.

"Do you remember a boy named Cason when you were five?"

She frowned and looked up at the roof for a few seconds.

"No.....Sorry, I don't. Why?" She asked, pursing her lips like the Anna I knew when I was little did when she was little.

I didn't answer, instead I was whisked away by my group of friends and Anna walked away in the opposite direction

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