Bedroom Window View ( Completed)

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Genre: Romance, Humor

Author: mica_blue


Summer is her favorite time of the year. Because that's when she gets to watch (not stalk) the boy she fell in love with who lives across the street. Naomi spends every summer at her aunt's house and does absolutely nothing but gaze dreamily at West Gray as he and his friends do all sorts of crazy things. She doesn't have a single friend in that neighborhood yet she knows every single one of them. But one day, fate gets tired of her unprogressive one-sided love and decides to get things going, and by fate it means her mysteriously smart white cat, Whisky. With her help, Naomi finds herself in the middle of what she only used to watch from her bedroom window...


I don’t know why this story got only 1million reads. I mean this story is absolutely amazing. It’s so hilarious and I super love it..


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