Forever Yours (Completed)

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Genre: Romance, Humor

Author: BeautifulRose16



Maureen Carvelli is young and shy, pretty and rich. Cliché, right? But this love story has a twist: Ryan Adams is her new limo driver and he's young and good-looking and very much the atheist. They feel an immediate attraction and neither can deny it. The problem? Not only is Maureen a Christian but her old-fashioned father doesn't allow her to date. As she and Ryan get to know one another, the seemingly inevitable happens: they begin to fall in love. Maureen finds herself spinning in circles, battling her conscience and the growing love she feels for Ryan, wavering between the great mediums of right and wrong. She will ultimately have to make the decision. The question is... once she makes her choice, what will be the consequences?


This story has so many moral values. I did not know that I can love Christian Story as much as I love this story ^___^

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