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Black Butterfly (Ongoing)

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Genre –Action, Romance

Author –LaraMelissa

Description –

Bella is a beautiful young lady; she used to live in an isolated mountain in Japan for 10 years with her yaya.She's trained to be strong like a man and expertise all martial arts. Because her parents were afraid of what happened when she was 8 years old, she's kidnapped for unknown reason. As a result, she became stronger, and worse, she always fights; also, she became famous, named Black Butterfly na kinatatakutan sa Japan.

So her parents decided for her to come back here in Philippines and live a normal life that her parents want. She dressed up like a geek and changed her life for the sake of her parents, and of course, she wants to fall in love like the other girls.

But one day, visitors came up, and because her grandfather (who disapproved to her mother's marriage with her father) died and his last will & testament said that she's the successor of Echizen Family (mother's side) . At kelangan niya pamahalaan ang school na pag-aari nito nang palihim.

Kahit na hindi niya nakilala ang kanyang Grandfather, She decided to accept this will.

She enrolled in her grandfather's prestigious school but wait....................!!!!

What kind of school is this??!!!...................Full of rich delinquents??!


Ito ang pinakamagandang gangster story na nabasa ko. Basahin nyo. Di kayo magsisi♥


A/N: The trailer is not mine. Credit to Mad Dolly:))) I just put a teaser/trailer so readers will have an idea how good this story is.

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