Nothing Left to Lose (Completed)

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Genre: Romance, Humor

Author: kirsty1000



Annabelle Spencer’s life is perfect, she has the perfect parents, perfect friends and of course the perfect boyfriend Jamie. On her 16th birthday her life comes crashing down around her when Jamie is murdered right in front of her, and she is kidnapped by Carter Thomas a big time drug and arms dealer. After five months of being with Carter she’s found, but the experience has totally changed her. She’s no longer the happy go lucky girl, she’s now cold, hard, she suffers from night terrors and is afraid to let anyone touch her. She pushes everyone away thinking that if she doesn’t let anyone in then she won’t ever get hurt again. Her slogan for life is now 'If you don't care about anything you have nothing to lose'.

Carter’s currently serving time for the murder of Jamie, a conviction she helped secure. But his re-trial is coming up, as some key evidence appears to have been tampered with. Death threats are coming in from his organization, they want him released and will stop at nothing for that to happen.

Ashton Taylor is a newly qualified SWAT agent who gets assigned to guard her, slowly he starts to re-build her life, but is she too far gone to let him help her? And if she can let him in, is it already too late?


 I love Ashton Taylor… He is so sweeeeettt, caring, protective, possesive in an adorable way . Gosh, I want my own Ashton..


A/N: The trailer is not mine. Credit to MOllieeeXD :))) I just put a teaser/trailer so readers will have an idea how good this story is.

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