I'm Dating the Ice Princess (Complete)

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Genre –Romance, Humor

Author –Filipina


Simply because I don't care doesn't mean I don't care about the feelings of the people around me. Why can't they just think about it th other way around?

Why can't they understand that -- It's hard to express? I did it once yet I won't try it twice. When I expressed my feelings, it just always lead to misunderstandings.

I've always been cold. I won't try to change for my parents, teachers, and classmates. Why should I? They only know my name but not my story -- in specific, my background: my dark past background.

Yes, they may call me an 'Ice Princess' but I don't care if they will give me that name. Who cares? No one will doubt me as -- indeed --

I'm cold.

I'm an ice.

I have no expression in my eyes.

And, I know -- no one will ever love such an Ice Princess like me.


Mga isip batang gangster na super nakakatawa *__*


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