So I'm updating my own personal intro. It's been two years hehe.

Obviously my name is Mica. Age, you take a guess. Height, well that's something I'd rather not say. Regarding my personality as a writer and a reader... well I am defined by one word most of the time and that's LAZY. Procrastination is mah thing yo. Haha. Anyway, the stories I write here are absolutely and positively random. I've got no definite plot and just go on whims with the story lines. Twisting it here and there, causing problems and FUNtabulous funny scenes. I looooove fluff. I haaaate drama. Sometimes I just like reading something that doesn't make people sad so much. Whenever I do put some drama, I keep it to a minimum and make sure to deliver it in a way where the feels can reach the readers without pissing them off. I update depending on my whim and schedule. So, I apologize for not updating fast. But you can't make me write when my hands don't wanna do no chapter. Whenever I write (or type) I don't think, I become the character whose point of view I'm using and portray their unique individuality as much as possible.

As a reader, I'm very fast depending on the story line and how much it interests me. I like reading genres of romance, fantasy, adventure, and other stuff like that. I'm not very picky as long as its good. If I'm addicted to it, I won't stop. Literally. I'd finish the whole thing one way or another, whether I'm in class or in the mall. My favorite type of characters are the assholes who are freaking awesome geniuses, that's what led to the creation of the Twins in BWV ;) It's not often that I encounter evil manipulative bastards who make you fall in love with them even when they're doing shit to the main characters. Which is why I just LOVE them.

So what more about me...hmmm....I don't even know if someone's reading all this crap hahaha. Well whatever, it's cool. Just doing this for no reason in particular anyway :)
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Description: Tyler Gray has been known for his involvement in violent fights. He's grown used to the whispers, the rumors, and the arrogant morons who still try to pick fights with him. But that doesn't matter to Alice Anderson, a charmingly optimistic innocent...

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Bedroom Window View...

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heart strings♥

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A lonely little boy meets a cheerful girl that brightened his life. As their friendship grew stronger an...

moniku posted a message to mica_blue
Hi writer :) we miss your updates. Like every other readers here, I'm one of the readers that will wait on your upcoming update. Soon? Yes? Hehe. All of us will be waiting for you :) 
MsCleopatra posted a message to mica_blue
I know were being demanding right now, but please update heart strings and specially irresistibly sweet, because i'm dying what would be the reaction of Tyler's friend, when they meet his girlfriend~ pweety pwease~ update, i'm begging you, :(
Emilyy_Lovee posted a message to mica_blue
Hey mica_blue, I know you don't update unless you feel like but I rarely do this but I'm in love with irresistibly sweet and would really like to know if there's gonna a update soon ?! ☺️ thanks ! 
iamawesome1111 posted a message to mica_blue
Hi, just wondering when you're going to update heart strings because it's been 4 years. As your readers we support you to continue what you love doing - which is writing! Xxx
unspokenheart posted a message to mica_blue
hello! I love the story of West and Naomi ^_^ :) you're an awesome author.. I was eager to read your story until the very end and I give it  a full 5 stars! :D