Like Yesterday (Completed)

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Genre –Romance, Teen Fiction

Author – crossroad

Description –  He's the most ideal guy in the world – a college dude, standing tall with that perfect sun-kissed look. He's the answer to every wishful thinking and the gift that heaven prepared for the luckiest girl alive. He has everything that you could ever think of, including that hateful revenge that is pointed towards her.

She's the happy-go-lucky gal – with no perfect tan or a bombshell body. She's just that girl in that lifeguard chair dressed in dark, tight fitted clothes that is neither attractive nor repulsive. In a town as small as hers, hearing the news that he's coming back is something that she can't avoid. But shoving the warnings aside, she swears that she knows best.

She is the girl that he plans to take revenge on and he is her worst nightmare. But things turn out a little differently as the criss are crossed and truths are revealed. It's a love-hate... hate story of two people who are sworn to be enemies. One involving a whole lot of drowning, saving, and making memories, like those of yesterday's.


Reese and Jace has the best way to show their love for each other ♥

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