Never Talk Back To A Gangster (Book 1&2)

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Genre: Humor, Romance

Author: Alesana_Marie


It's been two years.

Two years without you by my side.

Yet my love for you grew more and more each day.

Two years of never ending what if's.

Questions with no answers.

Two lonely years of being haunted by your voice and your gentle smiles.

It all ended after two years..

I finally found the courage to turn back.

To come back.

To find you.

I imagined a perfect setting.

But then I found out the consequences of my mistakes.

A big part of you was taken away.

It was the ability to see the light.

For nearly two years you were surrounded by darkness.

It was my fault.

And yet you still waited like a fool.

Two years and youre still the same.

My Timothy.

My love.

I never knew how happy endings can be achieved.
But i have you know .
I think it ends there .

But what if instead of happy ending we get a new beginning ?
A beginning of more Love and heartbreaks ?

When hope is gone ...
When faith is broken ...
When jeaLousy kicks in ..
When doubts for each other begin ..
When someone new comes aLOng .
When aLL starts to fade away ...

WiLL our Love be enough for us to be together .?
WiLL it be strong enough to hoLd us both .?
Or it wiLL be the reason why we shouLd jusT give up . ? ♥ 


          Prologue po iyan ng book 2. May book 1 po yan ah di ko lang po mahanap yung description, eh di pa naman ako magaling gumawa ng description. Baka hindi ko majustify yung ganda nung story J Supeer maganda po siya at nakakatawa♥


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