Good Girl Gone Bad (Ongoing)

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Genre –Teen Fiction, Humor

Author –Allissaaa

Description – 

Alexandria isn't one for trouble, after all, she is the school's nerd. She's all about her studies and that's pretty much it for her. She doesn't like to do the things the average careless teenager likes to do, meaning she doesn't like to smoke, drink, party, or fight.

Now Aiden? He's the total opposite. He's known for being the school's bad boy which every girl falls hopelessly in love with but always ends up with broken hearts, broken promises, and broken virginities, and he's also known as the guy who could probably break your face in one punch.

 Alexandria doesn't like Aiden what so ever, she'd pretty much rather jump off a cliff then have anything to do with him; but fate had something different in mind when they just so happened to crash into each other in the school hallway. Fate didn't exactly plan on Aiden making a bet out of Alexandria to see if he could change her.. but hey, that's Aiden for you.

But they say opposites attract, so will that happen to them?


I love this book. I stayed up all night just to finish this. It’s funny and romantic. 


A/N: The trailer is not mine. Credit to  luludd1 :))) I just put a teaser/trailer so readers will have an idea how good this story is.

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