He Loves You

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Your P.O.V

     It all started from a YouTube video I uploaded back in 2012. It was a cover I did of 'Good Times' by Owl City. Which now has millions of views. 

     Where am I now you may ask? I am rehearsing for my world tour that starts tonight. I've brought along my two best friends Sammy and Nate. You may have heard of them? You know, just my two favorite rappers of all time who are opening for me tonight. 

    *2 hours later* Time: 8:00 p.m

"How you doing Omaha!?" Nate and Sammy screamed into their microphones. I've always wanted to kick off my tour in my home town. "Alright we gonin' kick of this show, with a little Passion for Y/N's Fashion," Sammy said laughing. "A.K.A, Passion for Fashion," Nate said, they were so hyped. 

  ~song is sung~

   "Thank you Omaha!" they both screamed. When they came back stage I gave them big old hugs. "You guys killed it!" I exclaimed. "And you are about to slay," Sammy joked. "Go get em' tiger," Nate said making a tiger face? Not really sure what he did. I waited for the countdown of my fans to stop and then ran out.







Running out on stage was hype as shit. "How y'all doing tonight?" I asked, then pointing the mic at them. "Before I start the show I just wanna thank you guys for how far you guys have taken me!" I said. "OK, lets go!!" I exclaimed.  The music started playing and the fans screamed.

        "Take me down into your paradise. Don't be scared cause' I'm your body type," I sang. 

Sammy's P.O.V

She was killin' it. Stage was hype as shit. "That's my favorite part," I said to Nate. I just love the way she says type. Nate nodded his head. "Same," he said sounding like a fangirl. I was admiring her on stage when Nate starting talking. "You like her don't you?" Nate asked. "Yea," I said nodding my head. 

Nate's P.O.V 

     I whipped out my phone when Sammy wasn't paying and texted Y/N;

Y/N :)

   He loves you

I know she wouldn't see it until after the show, but I didn't anyways

A/N: Hey guys. So, I have been obsessed with this song. And I have something new coming out soon, more like in 20 mins, so stay tuned for that :)))- Mimi 

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