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I woke up to an empty bed, a headache, and sudden hotness. I grunted from the feeling of it all mixed together. I walked downstairs to the kitchen and saw a note from my boyfriend of 2 years.


         Hope your morning starts out great, I had to leave for the studio early this morning. Won't be home till late. I love you

                                                            - Sammy

"Great," I mumbled under my breathe. I opened the cabinet where we put our medicine and got Advil and a glass of water. I swallowed the pill and went back upstairs into bed. I went on Netflix and put on PLL (A/N: Pretty Little Liars, its bomb) and watched too many episodes. I started feeling even more warmer now so i decided to check my temperature. 101.2. Really? I bent down to the cabinet under the sink and grabbed a small wash cloth and wet it with cold water.(A/N: If you don't do this when you have fevers idk what to tell you) I went back to bed a ended falling asleep.

*several hours later*

Sam's P.O.V

Nate and I had just wrapped up our time at the studio, and I was almost home. Y/N never texted me during the day which surprised me because she normally asked me a couple questions, but today she didn't.

     When I walked inside the house, the kitchen looked exactly the same which also surprised me because there is always something different about when I get home. It had looked as if nothing was touched. I walked up stairs to my shared bedroom with my girlfriend, and saw she was sleeping with a wash cloth over her forehead. I'm guessing she just got really hot because she normally tells me she's sick when she is. I walked inside the bathroom to wash my face sense I had been really hot in the studio. When I walked in I had noticed that the thermometer was out. I got really confused now. I pressed the button on it to see what the last temperature was. 101.2. No shit Sam. It had finally came to my mind that Y/N had been sick the whole day. I rested my elbows on the counter and put my face in between my hands. I looked up at the mirror and shook my head at myself being ashamed for not checking on her just to see how she was doing, and also for feeling bad for her.

I heard groaning coming from the bedroom so I rushed over to the room. "Baby?" I quietly mumbled while stroking her arm gently. She turned over on her side slowly but not too slow. "Hi," she said with tired eyes. "Why didn't you text me that you were sick?" I asked looking in her beautiful Y/C/E.  "I didn't want to bother you," she said. "Baby, you wouldn't have bothered me," I said slightly laughing. "I'm sorry," she replied, rubbing her forehead. "Don't be sorry, babe. I'm the one who should be sorry," I said. "You should get back to bed, missy," I said squinting my eyes and playfully pointing my finger at her. "OK, OK, sorry Dad," she said mocking me. She closed her eyes starting to fall asleep. I pulled her into my chest, and said, "Whenever you need something just text me, please," I mumbled kissing her forehead. "Okay," she whispered back. I looked down at her sleeping face. How did I get so lucky?   I thought to myself.

A/N: Hey guys!! So, I am starting a new sort of story to work on for this summer. I hope you guys like this one. Request will be able to start sometime around the end of June, or maybe sooner. Have a good night, or day. :) Love ya. 

                                                                                         -Mimi :)

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