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Sam's P.O.V

Nate, Johnson, Gilinsky, and I were downstairs watching the game, you know having a good time. Nate brought his daughter, Jess, over so Y/N wasn't bugging us the whole time. It was half time during the game, when we heard Jess and Y/N gasp from upstairs. I suspected that they were just being little 4 year olds, fooling around, but no. I looked up at the stairs case to see Y/N and Jess running down the stairs very fast. "Daddy!" Y/N exclaimed, running over to where I was sitting on the couch. "Look! The ring is stuck on my finger!" she said with worried eyes. "Aw, baby, it'll be okay we just have to be gentle taking it off," I said grabbing her hand. I took the finger that she got it stuck on, and gentle pulled on the ring, pulling her finger the opposite way. "Does that hurt baby?" I asked. She shook her head while sucking on her thumb. I did the same thing and the ring finally came off. She let out a sigh of relief,and started shaking her hand really fast. "Thank you daddy," she said hugging me. "Your welcome baby," I said kissing her forehead. She ran back upstairs with Jess. "You didn't give her the ring back, right?" Johnson asked. I held the ring inside my index finger and thumb, "Nope," I said popping the 'p'. "Sam, did you notice that when Y/N gets hurt she shakes that body part really fast?" Nate asked. "I noticed that a couple days okay actually, she got her foot stuck in the door," I started,"don't ask me how that happened, but when I got it out, she shook it really fast," I said. "It's weird, but cute," G said. "I know," I said laughing. "You should ask her why she does that," Nate said. "Y/N," I said from downstairs. I heard little footsteps going down the stairs. "Yes daddy?" she asked as she sat down next to me. "Why did you shake your hand after I pulled the ring off?" I asked looking down at her. "Because it hurt," she said in a 'duh' tone as if it were a stupid question. "Okay, you can go now," I said smiling at her. "You're silly daddy," she said skipping away from me. Right when she was about to go on the stairs, she tripped. "You okay baby?" I asked looking over the couch at her. She had already gotten up and she shook  her head. "Yep," she said running up the stairs on all fours. "Well that settles it then," Nate said looking back at me, since they all looked at her when she tripped. "I have a feeling she is going to be a very clumsy child," I said playfully shaking my head and laughing. "Yep," they all said at the same time. 

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