How fast

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Your P.O.V

     Sammy and I were driving to my studio, which normally we wouldn't look, but since he asked if he could go, I said yes. "Sammy are we ever going to tell the fans?" I asked. "I know we will, but now isn't the best time. I mean, you and I are both going full throttle in our careers," he said, making good points. "Ok, you're right," I said, slightly sad. 

Sammy and I had been dating for 6 months now. I'm mostly surprised that the fans haven't found out. Both of us have HUGE fan basses.

      "You're finally recording the song you've been working on, right?" Sammy asked reaching for my hand. "Yea," I said, starting to hum it. "It sounds good, when you hum it. Why wouldn't you let me hear it before?" He asked. "Well, I was going to invite you to come, but you asked me, so I just went along with it," I said laughing. He started smiling like an idiot, which I loved. 

        "Hey Mike," I said hugging him when we walked in. Mike was my manger. "Hey Y/N, you ready for today?"  He asked smiling. "'So ready, I can't wait for it to be out," I responded, setting my things down on my chair.

"Hey Sam, how you doing?" Mike asked Sammy, doing the 'bro hug' thing.

"Good, what about you?" He asked sitting down on the couch.

"I've been great," Mike said, then sitting down in the chair next to me.

"Ok, so release date for the song, should be between the 19-21, we aren't sure yet, but around that. And then, I know your her boyfriend, but even you can't know this," he said said pointing at Sammy, "Your other new song, will be recorded around the beginning of next month," He said, letting me catch up on everything. 

"Sounds good," I said nodding my head.

"Get in that booth young lady," Mike said joking. 

"Yes sir," I said running in. 


When I walked out, I saw Sammy with his hand in his pants. "You nasty boy," I said squinting and shaking my head joking. Sammy just laughed as his cheeks got read. 

"That was great, you actually did it good enough to the point where we don't need to do it again right now. Have you been practicing?" He asked. 

"Yea, when he's not there at least," I said opening my bottle of water. 

"Ok well you can go, next time we meet, don't be late, we have lots of things to work on," He said pointing a finger at me.

"I won't," I said raising my hands up in defense.

Sammy didn't say anything when we walking out, even when I said something. I felt like he was mad at me.

When we got in the car, he decide to talk, but not outside. "You did good," He said, turning on the car. "Thanks," I said, with a little bit of a mad tone. After that Sam and I didn't talk on the way home. 

When we got in the house, it was even worse, because we started fighting. 



"YOU WERE THE ONE PUTTING ME IN A BAD MOOD!" I yelled, pointing my hand at him. 

"OK, WELL I'M DONE FIGHTING," He said, going into our room. 

I just didn't reply because I was pissed at him. 

When I went to get a blanket from the covers, the one I wanted was on the top shelf, and me being short, couldn't reach it. When I got a chair to stand on, I was able to reach it. I got the blanket, but the one thing I didn't know was that Sammy stuffed the measuring tape thing in there when he was drunk, so that ended up coming out with the blanket, hitting me on the arm. Which then fell to the floor. 

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