By Your Side

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Y/N's P.O.V 

Sammy and I were out in Downtown L.A having lunch, nothing really special, just felt like doing something, until I got a phone call from one of my best friends, Y/B/F/N. "Can I take this really quick Sammy?" I asked, sense I always thought it was rude if you just randomly answer the phone while having a meal. He simply nodded as he was signing the check. "Hey Y/B/F/N, whats up?.......Oh, hey  Y/F/N (A/N: As in a different friend)..........What?!.........Oh my gosh, I'll be right there!" I exclaimed hanging up the phone quickly. "What wrong?" Sammy questioned as he handed the waiter our check.

*Its about to get emotional yall'*

"Y/B/F/N just got into a crash," I started, but then started panicking,"Oh my gosh, Sam what if she doesn't make it?" I asked trying to keep myself under control, sense we were in public. "Hey, hey, don't think that okay, lets go to the hospital, and she'll be okay," he said gently grabbing my arm to stand me up. I got up and we walked outside the restaurant, only to be mobbed by fans. I looked at the fans and mentally groaned as I was holding Sam's hand, as he was trying to guide me through the crowd. "You guys need to move, I am really sorry, but we have a really important place to be right now," Sam shouted. The fans started groaning and yelling, but they did move. Sammy handed me the keys so I could run to the car and start it, sense it was going to take him longer to get to the car. I ran to the car and unlocked it. I hopped in the drivers seat, turning on the car, then hoping over to the passengers seat. 

Sammy's P.O.V

I was still being mobbed by fans, while I looked up ahead to see that Y/N had already started the car, which was good. I finally got out of the fans, and made it to the car. I hopped in really fast, and started driving. 

When we made it to the hospital, Y/N and I rushed to the elevator, going to the floor where everyone else was. 

We waited for about 2 hours, until the doctor came out with a glum look. 

Y/N quickly shot up out of her chair, just like the rest of Y/B/F/N's family did. The doctor didn't even talk, all he did was just shake his head, and walked away. That was all it took for Y/N to collapse to the floor. I quickly went down to her and picked her up like a baby, carrying her out of the hospital. When I got to the car, I put her in the passenger seat, buckling her seat belt. 

"Sam," Y/N quietly mumbled. "Yes?" I asked sweetly. "She's gone," she said sadly while looking at me. "No, no she's not. She's everywhere around you. She comforting so many people right, trying to tell them that she is okay, and that she loves them, she's not gone," I said grabbing her hand. She just kept quiet. 

When we got home it was around 12:00 pm, stupid L.A traffic, Y/N went straight to our room, and lay down. We cuddle until she fell asleep, which took longer than usual. I guess she was barely about to go to sleep because she mumbled, "Thank you Sam, for being by my side," she said. "Forever and always," I said kissing her forehead. 

A/N: OMGGGGGG I AM SO FRICKIN SORRY. I totally forgot about my updating schedule. I don't know what it was that made me forget, but I will do my best to get back on track. Right now, isn't the best time for you guys to send in request sense I will be gone for about 2 weeks, and won't have time to update. You can STILL send them in, but they won't be answered until I am done going to 6 Flags, DisneyLand, and visiting my aunt longer than the rest of my family is, so I will be gone 6 more days than they will. ANYWAYS, have a good night or day loves :) -Mimi <3

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