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So um long time no talk. I'm going to be 100% honest, the first couple months of not writing anymore, I was fine, and then I started reading more on here and it made me want to write again. But, I wouldn't be writing about Sammy, Nate, or anyone close to that group. I've grown out of that and I've moved onto other things. Like, G-Eazy. The Vampire Diaries. Those are the things I would want to write about but I just don't know if you guys would stay for that, I mean you found out about me from Sammy, you  liked him, and maybe you still do, but I don't . And I don't want to let you guys down but I don't want to lie to myself either that I still am in love Sammy and everyone else that it makes me want to write about them. So, even after all this time, I want to ask a serious question and I want a serious answer, would any of you like things like that? And don't lie. If you're not into G and TVD, I get that and I'll respect that, but I don't know how to write about them anymore, I feel like I would be uncomfortable and confused. So basically what I'm asking is would you be open to different things to write about? 



P:S- if you read this, it would help if I got some answer.

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