Hydrogen Peroxide

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Before I start this! I just want to say thank you for 1.3k reads, and I will no longer be doing my updating schedule, because this is sort of starting to feel like a job.

Your P.O.V

     Sammy, Nate, JJ, G, and I were all in the kitchen. They were sitting on the bar stools, and I was cutting vegetables. I did normally cook, but that was really only maybe once a month, so it didn't bother me. I got distracted by a fly flying around the house, and the knife slipped, and cut the top of my thumb. "OW, FUCK," I exclaimed, dropping the knife and squeezing my thumb. "What happened?" Nate ask. "I frickin' cut myself with the damn knife," I said grabbing a towel. "Wait, Y/N," Nate said,"Let me see it,". I walked over to where Nate was sitting and showed him my cut. "Ok, I know you're not going to like this, but we need to but hydrogen peroxide on it," he said slanting his mouth. My eyes immediately got water remembering the way Nate reacted while we were cleaning his cuts. "OK," I said. We all walked to the bathroom. I jumped on the counter watching Nate's every move. 

My eyes got even more water, until I full on crying. It was a quiet cry though. My screwed my eyes shut as Nate poured it on. "I'm sorry Y/N," he said feeling guilty, seeing how much pain I was in. 

Nate was finally done, and he put on a band-aid. We all went back out to the kitchen and went back to where we were before. "You guys wanna get take out instead?" I asked putting the knife down. "Yea that sounds better," they all said almost in sync. When we got in the car, I let them know something.

"Did you guys know that it didn't hurt that bad, I was just terrified from Nate's reaction," I said laughing a bit. "I figured," Nate said. 

A/N: I cut my thumb last night and had it poured on.....the whole thing about it not hurting just being terrified, yea that was true. PLEASE go check out my new story, Found. And if you guys would like me to start Nate imagines let me know! I need your guys' feedback! -Mimi

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