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Your P.O.V
Sam and I were cleaning up from dinner while our 3 year old daughter went upstairs to get in her pjs by herself for the the first time. "How did you do when you dressed yourself for the first time?" I asked curiously. "Good, i got everything on, it's just that it didn't match. What about you?" He asked loading the dish washer. "Eh, not to great. I mean I got the pants on, but I got stuck in the shirt,". I said laughing. We were both laughing when our daughter came downstairs. "I'm stuck!" She exclaimed with the shirt on backwards, her arms crossed over her face, and the shirt covering her face.
Sam and I looked at each other so confused from the fact that we had just talked about me getting stuck.

"Oh, here baby, daddy's got this," Sam said untangling her.
When she got in the shirt, the right way, her hair was all in her face.
"And mommy's got this one," I said smiling and fixing her hair. Well, at least she learned how to untangle herself.
A/N: hey guys! So here's another imagine :))) hope you like it. SEND IN REQUEST BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE I HAVE DONE TO MANY KID IMAGINES!!!! -Mimi :)

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