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Age 5:

"Mommy, where are we going?" you asked. "We are going to the park," your mom said smiling at you while she put your shoe on. Your face brighten whenever you were going to the park. 

*at the park*

"Hi, I'm Sam, what's your name?" the boy asked you as he sat down in the swing. "My name is Y/N," you said. "Wanna go play?" he asked you hopping off his swing. "Sure," you said following his actions.

Age 10:

"Y/N, we are going over to the Wilkinson's in 10 minutes!" your mom called from downstairs. "Ok!" you called back. It was currently mid winter so it was quite cold outside, so you put on your grey skinny jeans, black crew neck sweater, grey beanie, and black converse. Along, with straightened hair. "Y/N, lets go!" your mom called from downstairs- getting frustrated. "I'm coming!" you yelled when you were have way down the stairs- also getting frustrated. "Don't talk to me like that young lady!" she yelled at you pointing a finger at you. You decided that responding would only make things worse, so you just left it at that. When you arrived at the Wilkinson's house, you hugged Lori, Dave, and the rest of his family. You then went up to Sam's room and saw him laying on his back with his hands behind his head. "Hey," he said sounding annoyed/ mad. "You ok?" you asked laying down in the same position he was in. "Not really," he said again, annoyed/mad. "Me either," you said sighing. He turned his head so he was looking at you, signaling you tell him. "My mom has been super buggy on me the last few weeks," you said looking at him. "So, whats up with you?" you asked. "My dad, he has also been buggy on me," he asked playing with his fingers as he stood up. "Lets go to the swings," he said reaching his hand out to grab my hand. "Our spot," he said.

Age 15:

Sam had been distant and you weren't really sure why. He didn't have a girlfriend. He didn't show any signs of him hating you, so you didn't really know what happened. You got used to it quick though, sense he stop hanging out with you at age 11. You had made a new best friend, Ricky. (A/N: Yes, Dillon) He was really fun to hang out with and have around. You also had your bets friend, y/b/f/n, she was always there for you. It seemed like Sam had become sort of a jerk. In math and Spanish class, you always heard people talk about him. Mostly people saying, how he shoved this kid into a locker, ditched school, and just altogether a big mess.

Age 19: 

You were at the swings where you and Sam used to hang out together when you were little. This time you were with Ricky. You two were seeing who could swing the highest, jump off, and make a perfect landing. You won. When you were walking back to your swing you saw Sam walking over here, looking mad. "Seriously Y/N?" he asked has he stood there with his arms crossed. "What do you mean, seriously Y/N?" you asked mocking him. "What I mean is you had to bring HIM, to OUR spot!" he said pointing to Ricky. "Um, reality check Sam, "our spot"," you said in quotes, "ended along time ago," you said walking closer too him. "What do you mean, ended along time a ago!" he said mocking you. "I mean you left!" you said raising your voice. "OK, you left! You walked right out of my life like it meant nothing to you. Gosh, you know how many times I just wanted you there!" you said. His faced saddened, and he didn't speak. "Y/N, honestly I don't know why i left. I felt like you could do better. You remember that day when we were 10 and you came over to my house not in the best mood?" he asked, I nodded. "Well, my dad bugging me wasn't what was bothering me. It was the fact that we were getting older, and that you would find a guy better than me," he said. "Sam, I could never find anyone better than you," I said pulling him in for a hug.

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