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Y/N's P.O.V

    "Hey guys it me! And I am back, with a new video! So, as you can tell, my lovely boyfriend here, Sam, is blindfolded. Say hi," I said starting my video. "Hi," Sam said waving not at the camera. I moved his hand over into frame. "There you go," I said laughing, as so did he. "Ok, so getting to the point of the video. Sam and I are going to be doing to the baby food challenge, as you can tell," I said, presenting the baby food with my hands. "We have 10 cans of baby food, 5 for each, so lets get started!" I said smiling. "I'll put the names of the names/flavors somewhere by Sammy's head," I said reaching for the first cans. 

 *the video*

"Okay well that was disgusting. My least favorite was the ham, what was yours babe?" I asked.

"The ham. It smelt like dog shit," He stated.

"It sure did. Well guys that's it for this weeks video, I'll see you next time, bye," I said waving at the camera. "Sam, say bye, don't just wave dipshit," I said joking. 

Before turning off my camera I told Sam, "Remember in the movie[The DUFF] "it didn't have some fancy word, it was like "the dipshit" and then Sam made the best ending of any of my videos I could ever ask for. "Nerd ass" he said like Bianca in the movie. "Ok," I said, as Mr. Arthur said back. 

A/N: Heey, guys I thought this would be a cute/small little imagine to do, and NO I'm not "promoting" for the movie, I just thought it would be funny. SEND IN REQUEST, I'm running out of ideas. PLEASE, go check out the new book!!!! Found!! It out and I am so excited! Have a great night :) ~Mimi

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