Chapter Two

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Brooklyn's Point of View

"Wake up sweetheart," Karen said, "It's time for your first day of school!"

I raised my pointer finger in the air and twirled it around, "Whoop-dee-frickin-doo!"

"Hey, be grateful that you get to go to Gotham. Someone paid a lot of money for you to go there."

"Who though?" I asked, sitting up out of my bed, "It wasn't you or my parents. You don't even know who did it!"

I'm going to use my new computer to find out who's letting me go to this crazy expensive school. It's 7:15? Crap, I don't have time. I will this afternoon.

I pulled out a pen and wrote on my wrist "find man". I slipped on a bra, my uniform, and brushed out my dark brown hair. I put on some mascara and my shoes in front of the mirror. I stood up and stared at myself once more.

I ran downstairs and grabbed a slice of breakfast pizza and my backpack. Karen was holding up a letter at the table, "It says your carpool will pick you up every morning at 7:20 and your school guide today will be a fellow named Dick Grayson."

"Great, great, thanks Karen!" I said as I rushed towards the door, "What time is it?"

I heard a honk outside and my question was answered. "Bye honey, have a great day!"

I closed the door and walked over to a sleek, black SUV. I opened the door and sitting there was a tall, strong looking boy with slightly shaggy raven colored hair. His uniform was tight against his body, as if he was wearing a size too small. I gulped as I hopped in the car.

Act normal. Just be Brooklyn. Be yourself.

"Hey there, I'm Brook -- " I was cut short by the boy.

"Brooklyn Wilson? I know," he rolled his eyes.

"Yeesh, okay well I'm getting a vibe that you're Dick -- "

"Yes, I'm Dick Grayson," he muttered and interrupted again.

"Hey," I said sternly as his eyes widened towards me, "I've got to admit, you're raining on my parade a little."

He scratched the back of his head and moved his gaze away from mine. I sighed and looked out the window once more. This time, the buildings said a slow hello and goodbye as they passed by me. Time seemed to move a million times slower than it did yesterday. I turned back to look at Dick, who was looking at me. I looked at him and he turned his head, burying his face in his hands.

Well, this is going to be an interesting day.

Dick's Point of View

"Can I see your schedule?" I muttered as we walked into the building.

She handed me a slip of paper and I turned it over. She had the same lunch, same computer tech class, and same study hall as me. She was taking classes that had to do with mostly computers and theater.

What are you doing taking all those tech courses? What do you have up your sleeve, Wilson?

"I like theater, but I really like computers," she said to me as we headed to Computer Tech, "You were making wide eyes at my paper. It's my specialty, Grayson."

Did she just call me by my last name?

I tried to hide a smile as I opened the door for her and she smiled back, "Thank you, good sir!"

We both sat down at a  partner table near the back and she pulled out her computer. She plugged it into an outlet beside us with a cord wrapped in blue tape. I watched her arm move down and saw she had written "find man" on her wrist.

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