Grayson: a Nightwing Fanfiction

Grayson: a Nightwing Fanfiction

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trulymarvelous By trulymarvelous Updated Feb 12, 2017

" do you get through all the violence, all the trauma you see?"

"...I think about the ones I love."

Brooklyn Wilson has just returned to Gotham, five years after being away from her home. Her parents mysteriously died when she was only twelve years old, leaving her with her godmother, Karen. 

By day, she goes to school at Gotham Academy, taking computer tech classes and theater. She's become friends with the famous Dick Grayson, a well known figure at the school.

By night, she goes on her computer and hacks into local criminal-lords and villain's systems to give their whereabouts and doings to the police and to her new, surprisingly friendly acquaintance, Nightwing.

She learns that she can't hide from the truth about her parents forever and realizes she needs help to understand what really happened to them. She also learns that it's possible to fall in love with what she thinks to be two people at once.

Enjoy this romantic-action fan fiction!

I do not own Dick Grayson, Nightwing, or any other DC characters in this story. I do own the main character, Karen, and her parents.

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Daughterolordzeus0 Daughterolordzeus0 Jun 20, 2017
U know Felicity Smoak ?
                              That's crazy either she is super smart or she has some connection to green arrow
AuraPranks AuraPranks Jul 29, 2017
FELICITY!!!!!!! She's officially the best character in The Arrow and The Flash. And I think she was on Legends once. SHE GRACES OUR SCREENS AND MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER WITH HER ENTHUSIASM AND AWKWARDNES!!!!!!!!
Me and my sisters in our min, dad or each other. Even if you leave the door even a little open we "THE DOOR!" and if they don't listen we yell even more "THE DOOR GOD DAMMIT" 😂😂🤣
-deletedx- -deletedx- Jun 14, 2017
Hawaiian pizza- which was invented in Canada. Why they call it Hawaiian… THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW! (Haha get it? I'm so funny…)
I have over a 1,000 *awkward laugh* it would take several days to listen to every song
Meeeeeeee. I've never related to a fictional character more. lmao