Chapter One

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Note: I do not own any of DC's characters or places, but I do own all my original characters; Brooklyn and Karen. I hope you all enjoy this story!

Dick's Point of View

I heard a knock on my bedroom door. "Yeah?"

"It's me," said Bruce as he turned the knob.

He sat down next to me on my bed and sighed, "Dick, I need you to do me another school favor."

I let out a huge huff, "Bruce! You said I didn't have to give new students tours anymore. Aren't there other people for this job?"

"This is the last one, I promise. You're good at giving the tours. Gotham can be an intimidating school without a nice welcome," he smiled, "Once more?"

I glared at him and looked back down at my homework, "Fine, once more."

He nodded and left the room, leaving the door wide open. "Could you at least close the door?" I yelled, as soon as I heard him shut the door to his own room.

Damn it. I guess I'll have to do it myself.

I slowly moved my way off the bed and shut the door. Suddenly, my phone went off on my bedside table. I quickly shuffled over to see who was calling.

Oh look, my good pal Wally. What could he want now?

"Dude!" Wally started, "Did you hear about the new girl coming in town?"

"I didn't know she was a girl," I muttered, "How did you figure it out?"

"Every one knows!" he laughs, "Her godmother is the owner of the pizza joint we go down to every Wednesday. God, that pizza is so goddamn amazing..."

"Continue," I say to break him from the trance.

"Oh yeah! So, her goddaughter is moving in with her because apparently her parents are total a-holes. Also, she's our age and is going to Gotham, which is your school."

"Yeah, I'm giving her a tour tomorrow, just like every new kid."

"Hey, you never know, this one may be the girl version of the amazing Wally West, which you could never pass up in a heartbeat!"

"Eh, I would," I snickered.

"You wouldn't," Wally gasped, "Anyways, I got a hot date with Artemis tonight. Dude, being a senior rocks. I feel like the king of the world!"

"Yeah okay, see you tomorrow, Wally."

"Catch you later!" he said as he hung up.

I let out a huge sigh as I set down my phone and continued to do my homework. I still was not very excited about the tour tomorrow, even with the hype from Wally.

Brooklyn's Point of View

I stared out the window of my taxi and pulled my backpack close to me. I saw the buildings pass by, saying hello, then quickly disappearing out of my sight. The taxi driver was speeding like crazy, but I didn't want to say anything or even start a conversation. I ran out of songs on my playlist and I honestly didn't want to listen to them again. I had never felt so bored in my life. The driver stopped at a stoplight and I looked out the window to see a picture of a silhouette of Batman, flying through the night sky, plastered on a lamppost.

My friends back at my home town told me it would be a great new adventure, living in Gotham. They talked about Batman, Nightwing, Robin, and their glorious hero stories. Sure, heroes are great, but crime and villainy always follow.

Suddenly, the taxi halted dramatically to a stop, and my head slammed against the window.

Great, a bruise on my forehead is all I need on the first day of school.

I rubbed my forehead gently and looked out the window. It was my godmother's pizza shop. She made the best pizza on the whole entire planet. "You gonna get out or what?" the taxi driver yapped at me, "I got places to be too, you know."

"Yes-sir, I bet you do," I groaned as I handed him his cash, "Thanks for the ride."

I snatched up my belongings and walked over to the entrance. Her restaurant was buzzing, just like always. "Karen?" I yelled through the chaos.

A head popped up behind the kitchen, it was her. Her short, brown hair bobbed up and down as she ran over to see me. Her smile was as big as the moon and it made me want to cry. "Oh, Brook! You're finally here!" she said as she hugged me.

I held her tight and was engulfed in her scent. It smelled like fresh basil, which was the same old, comforting Karen. "I missed you so much," I muttered through her hair, "It's been too long."

She let go and stood back, with tears welling in her eyes,"It has, Brooklyn. It really has."

She grabbed my suitcase and made a break towards the back door that lead to the apartment upstairs. I followed and ran my hands along the wood railing. "I did some updates to your room. I remember you saying, and I quote, 'It smelled like old people.' So, I tried my best to fix that," Karen laughed as she opened the door.

My mouth gaped open as I entered. My room was stunningly perfect. It was a pretty big space, with a queen sized bed and light gray-purple walls, which was my favorite color. But, the biggest surprise of all was a large, white desk sitting on the left side of the room, with a big, brand new computer.

Well, hello beautiful. Aren't you a lovely, wonderful gift?

"Karen!" I said, running my hand over the PC monitor, "You really shouldn't have!"

"Of course I should have," she smiled, "I know how much you love your computers."

Ah, yes you do! This thing has so much power, imagine how much hacking I can do...

"Anyways, I'll let you get settled," she said as she walked out the door, "Come down in a little bit, I cooked you up some of your favorite pizza!"

"Hawaiian? You're the best!" I shout as I sit at the computer.

I had been helping the police find out where criminals are and what they're planning for a year and a half. You can sort of call it a Felicity Smoak kind of deal, except they don't know who I am. I logged onto the computer and began to set up my hacking station. As the computer was loading, I walked over to my bags and began to pull out decor and clothing.

I placed my clothes in my dresser and hung up a few dresses in the closet. Done with packing already, I sluggishly looked in the box and saw all the score-books, scripts, and performance handouts from all the performances I've been in. Quickly, I dug them out and taped the light pieces all over my walls. Afterwards, I grabbed my stuffed animals and placed them on my bed delicately, along with the blankets I brought from home.

Almost finished, I looked in the deep abyss of the box and saw the unmistakable picture frame laying face down. I carefully swiped it and placed it on my bedside table with a heavy sigh, trying not to look at my smiling parents in the photograph.

Suddenly, I heard a tap on my window and saw a small black bird. It was pecking at the molding of the windowpane. I walked over and twisted my head down to look at it. It worked relentlessly, nipping away at the plaster. I didn't want to scare it away, so I backed up and looked outside from a distance. I could see the bay and docks from my window. The sun was setting slowly on the edge of the deep blue void. Little silhouettes of boats road on top of the water and nostalgia hit me like a tsunami.

Welcome back to Gotham.

Hey, so I hoped y'all liked the first chapter! I just had to lay down the base of the story and introduce characters. Make sure to star and comment!

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