Chapter Ten

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Brooklyn's POV

I told him the whole story as I devoured three slices of spinach and cheese pizza. He listened intently as he ate his four slices of pepperoni. Apparently, we were both avid pizza eaters and I knew I was enjoying every second of the meal. I had a feeling he felt the same way.

"So, there's this clone of you that sabotaged your reputation?" he confirmed with his mouth full.

I nodded, "Yeah, pretty crazy, right?"

"I'll say," he agreed, "I've never seen a real clone before."

"Me either!" I laughed, "Who has really?"

His cheeks blushed and Dick rubbed the back of his head hesitantly. I shrugged off him being weird and continued on with the conversation, "So, I know someone who might be able to help me with this situation."


I motioned him to bring his ear close to me as I whispered, "Nightwing. He's a superhero so I'm sure he knows all about this stuff."

Dick nodded, "I bet he does. But, hey! You're still seeing Nightwing? Isn't he busy?"

I tried not to act surprised that he said this. It almost sounded like Dick was jealous.

"Well," I smiled, "He always seems to have enough time for me."

Dick pulled at his collar and raised his hand to our waiter, "Check please."

I pulled his hand down, "No, it's alright. It's on the house. Thanks for letting me talk about it with you."

He grinned at me and rested his hand on top of mine, "Anytime."

In that moment, everything was at a standstill. I was happy, for just a second in time. Suddenly, I remembered I had a tear-stained face and looked like a mess. I quickly pulled my hand away to fix my hair.

"Hey, I need to freshen up after all that drama. Want to come upstairs with me?" I asked him.

Dick smiled at me, trying to hold back a bigger grin, "Um, sure!"

As we walked upstairs, he tagged along closely. His shoulder rubbed against mine and my stomach began to swarm with butterflies.

"So," he asked, his tone of voice deeper and more enchanting than before, "Did you find a date for the formal this weekend?"

My eyes widened as I remembered I asked Nightwing to the formal. I can't tell Dick that...

"Oh, he's from another school," I lied, "I knew him when I lived in Gotham last."

"Oh. What's his name?"

Oh god. What do I say?

"Um, Ch--Chris--Christopher. Yeah!"

Dick just chuckled at me and my cheeks turned crimson.

"Well, that's good," he sighed, "I think I'm just not going to go this year since I ended things with Cindy. Plus, I think Bruce is planning on taking me and my siblings out of town this weekend."

The butterflies fled as Dick said he wasn't going to be there. But, at least I had Nightwing.

"Oh cool! How many siblings do you have?"

"Well, I had three. I'm the oldest. The second oldest passed away though, a couple years ago. Now, it's just me and the other two."

I placed my hand on his shoulder, "I'm so sorry, Dick. What was his name?"

"Um, Jason. He was surely a character," he warmly smiled, "The other two are Tim and Damian."

I tried to comfort him with a reassuring grin, "Well, I hope I'll meet them some day."

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