Chapter Eleven

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Brooklyn's POV

I searched through my closet, trying to find the perfect outfit to wear to the movie that night. I settled for a lilac sweater with dark blue jeans and gray ankle booties. I checked myself out in the mirror and brushed out my surprisingly tangled hair. I carefully applied liquid eyeliner and had to wipe off some and restart multiple times. After an hour of attempts, I finally got matching wings on both lids and dashed on some mascara. I was so excited that I didn't realize the date wasn't for another hour.

Crap. Should I text Dick? Maybe he'd want to head out early.

Brooklyn: Heyyyy. I got a little too carried away and got ready an hour early. Want to head out now? I mean, only if you're up for it.

I set my phone down and stared at it, waiting impatiently for an answer. Suddenly, the phone vibrated and I sprung for it.

Dick: Haha, how cute. Sure, I'm down for that. I'll be there in ten. Also, you don't need a coat.

Brooklyn: No coat? Why?

Dick: Oh, just trust me :)

Brooklyn: ...haha, okay :)

Puzzled, I walked back over to my closet and grabbed my down bubble jacket. Luckily, it matched with my outfit. Ten long minutes later, my doorbell rang. I ran downstairs and in the doorway was Dick, looking more attractive than all the Casual Fridays combined. He was wearing a dark brown leather jacket, where his muscles were aching to burst out. Under it was dark gray v-neck sweater with a dress shirt underneath and a pair of dark blue jeans, not too skinny but not too loose. I walked up closer to him to see his bright blue eyes sparkling at me and his dark raven hair perfectly messy.

He flashed me a smile, "Hey, you look amazing."

"...holy heck," I muttered under my breath.


"Um, you look super handsome, like what the heck," I chuckled, trying to play off my embarrassment.

His cheeks turned bright crimson as I caught him off guard. "So, why don't I need a coat?" I asked him flirtatiously.

He chuckled slightly and began to take off his jacket. My stomach grew tight as he flipped it around and placed it over my shoulders. Then, he stepped to the left and my eyes caught glimpse of a motorcycle, waiting for us in the driveway.

"You up for a little ride?" he smiled, as he wrapped his strong hand around my waist.

I looked over to him, completely speechless. No words could express what I was feeling. So, I just nodded and took his hand. Electric currents seemed to surge throughout my whole body and I looked up at him in shock. He squeezed my fingers slightly as he lead me out the door. He handed me a spare helmet, hopped on the bike, and motioned for me to get on too. I sat behind him and slowly wrapped my fingers around his chiseled waist.

Holy heck, this dude is ripped.

He revved the engine and I immediately gripped onto him for dear life. He laughed through his helmet, "Don't worry, Wilson. I got you."

I just nodded and we made our way downtown. The sun was setting slowly and the sky was filled with an assortment of oranges, pinks, purples, and blues. We didn't take the short way. We went outside the city, past woods and parks and even the docks. I didn't care that we passed the docks, I was too in love with the feeling of being loved. I could feel my heart beating against his chest. It was fast, but it wasn't because I was scared. I was overwhelmed with this new feeling.

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