Chapter Twelve

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Dick's POV

My eyes slowly opened as I saw the streetlamp shine outside the window adjacent from our bed. I looked down and saw Brooklyn's dark brown hair partially askew across my chest. I could feel her breathe in and out as my hand rested against her waist. I looked over to the alarm clock and saw the time, 4:07 am. I gently moved my hand down to her waist and squeezed it gently, to wake her up nicely. She slowly turned over to me and her eyelids slowly fluttered open. I could still see her adorable freckles in the dim lighting.

"Hey babe," I chuckled lightly as I pushed the hair out of her face.

"Babe?" she smiled, "Who are you? Wally West?"

She gently nudged me and I got on top of her and pinned her arms back on the bed. "Hey! I thought it would be cute!" I whispered flirtatiously.

Brooklyn just rolled her eyes and blushed, "Let me go, babe."

I scooped down and kissed her on the nose. She scrunched her face, unsatisfied. "You're such a tease, Grayson!"

I laughed my classic Robin laugh from the old days and bent down slowly to her face. "Sorry, babe."

And then I placed a gentle kiss upon her soft lips. Suddenly, she pushed up against my arms and flipped me over. "You should probably get going," Brooklyn smiled, "Karen likes to get up early."

I sat up and nodded my head. I didn't want to leave, but I knew I had to for early training at Mount Justice. We both quietly tiptoed downstairs and she walked me to the door.

"I'll see you later, Wilson," I said as I let go of her gentle hand.

"See ya!" she giggled and waved me goodbye.


"Dude!" someone shouted at me, "...wake up!"

I was snapped back to reality and looked up to see Wally, speed-waving his hands in front of my lost face. I looked down at my hands and saw my bo staff, useless in my mood.

"Where is the aggressive, non-emotional, Nightwing I know?" Wally asked, placing his hands on his hips, " the middle of sparring you just slowed down and stopped!"

I just shrugged my shoulders and Wally's face turned from anger to curiosity. "It's nothing man," I rebutted, "Let's go again."

Wally furrowed his brow, "No way, dude. We're getting to the bottom of this... Is it that whorish girl Cindy?"

"No, Wally."

"Bruce? Tim? Damian?"

"No, Wally."


"Wally, you know that's long over."

He looked at me puzzled, then in a moment of enlightenment, snapped his fingers in the air. "I know!" he exclaimed, his eyes bright, "It's Brooklyn isn't it! Your fling is no longer a fling anymore!"

He poked his finger at my birded chest and I stepped back, "No, it's nothing."

"Oh my god, did you guys, you know, fondue?" Wally asked in a hushed tone.

"Fondue?" I scoffed, "No, we didn't hook up. God."

"Sorry, sorry," Wally said as he scratched the back of his head.

"...but we did kiss," I admitted.

Wally's smile returned and he placed his sweaty arm around my shoulder, "My good man, as being the expert of love, cough, Artemis, cough, I can fully inform you that you are in looooooove."

I pushed him away, "Dude, come on. Shut up."

Suddenly, I became lost in thought.

What if I do really like her? I could never put her in that kind of danger. I can't see her get hurt again. It was my fault she got shot, all my fault...

"Wally, I shouldn't have kissed her. I shouldn't have taken her out. I could involve her in so much danger if she found out my identity," I confessed.

"Dude, two things. One, I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't know your identity already due to how much time you spend with her as Nightwing. And two, dude. If you really like her, it doesn't matter if she knows your identity. She's gonna choose to be with you if she wants to, the danger shouldn't matter."

There was an awkward silence and Wally sighed loudly, "Look Dick, I know I can't say much to change how you feel, but I'll let you stew on my wise words of romance. Now, enough talking like sissies. Let's man up and spar, alright?"

I just shrugged my shoulders and lunged at him with my staff. I began to feel better as I moved around and dodged Wally's kicks and punches. Endorphins filled my body and I began to feel as good as I felt the night before. I took that connection as a sign.

Brooklyn's POV

After Dick left, I slept for four more hours. My bed felt cold and lonely without Dick there next to me. But, I was soon lulled into a deep sleep under the warm covers. When I woke up, I reached for my phone, aching to tell Artemis what happened. She answered the phone groggily, "Uh, hello?"

"Artemis. You won't believe what just happened."

"Dick spent the night?"

"No. Well, yes. Well, kinda. We didn't hook up."

"I know."

"You know? How?"

"Wally told me."

"Wait, what? Dick told Wally?"

"Yup. I guess Dick liked last night too."

My stomach turned happily at hearing that, "So I guess you know the gist?"

"Yeah. You guys are pretty cute, I gotta say. Wally thinks you guys are gonna last."

"We're not even dating technically."

"Are you guys going to the formal together?" Artemis asked.

Oh crap.

"Well, funny story. I'm actually going to the formal with Nightwing."

"Nightwing!?" Artemis cackled.

I heard muffled laughter and then Wally's voice on the line, "Whoa, dude! You're going with Nightwing? The superhero?"

"Yes, Wally. And since you're both on the line, I have to confide something in you guys."

"For sure, babe, what is it?" Wally spoke smoothly.

"Okay, you can call me crazy, but I feel like I know Nightwing's secret identity."

"Uh...who?" Artemis hesitated.

I paused and took a deep breath, "Dick. I have a feeling it's Dick. He's just so acrobatic, he has black hair, they're the same height, I could go on."

"Wow, that's quite an assumption," Wally said as he cleared his throat.

"...I think you should confront him about it," Artemis said promptly, "And list your reasons."

I could hear Wally and Artemis whispering viciously and then suddenly Wally agreed, "Yep. I agree with my gorgeous and wonderful girlfriend. You should talk to him."

"Do you guys know anything?" I asked inquisitively.

There was a pause over the line.

"No," they both sang harmoniously.

"Um, okay... Well, I guess I should call Dick to talk. See you guys later," I answered slowly.

"Bye, good luck!" Artemis chimed in.

Well, that was weird.

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