Chapter Sixteen

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HEY GUYS! Yoooo I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to write.  I've been on vacation and all around busy. 
I'm so shocked so many people are reading this fic! I hope you all like this chapter. The formal is coming up! Who's excited?? Tell me how you guys are! Please comment on the chapter! Thanks loyal Grayson-ers! Xoxo, trulymarvelous :)


Brooklyn's Point of View

"Wait, before we go to the meeting I have to show you something," Dick said as he got off the bed and walked over to the closet.

"Should I be excited or scared?" I laughed as I turned on my side.

Without another word, he opened the closet door and revealed the $300 dollar dress I wanted for the formal. It stood there before me in all it's expensive glory, the gold accents sparkling like the night stars. I sprung up and walked over to it, running my hands down the smooth fabric, speechless.


"Shh," he whispered as he took my hands into his, "'s going to look gorgeous on you. Plus, the formal is tomorrow and I didn't want you to wear any old dress."

"Thank you. So freaking much. It's amazing," I whispered as I gracefully plated a kiss on his cheek, "What mask am I going to wear though? I haven't picked one out!"

Dick did his classic grin as he pulled a small box off the top shelf of the closet. It was wrapped in red tissue paper with yellow and green ribbon. He placed it in my hands and gestured to me to open it. I carefully pulled the bow apart and gently took off the lid. 

"It's my old mask," he explained, blushing as he scratched the back of his head, "...I thought you'd look super cute in it and it goes with the dress. I was thinking we could add a gold feather or something to it to bring the whole outfit together."

I took the mask out of the box and held it in my hands. I carefully rubbed my thumb over the worn material, my heart swelling with happiness. How could Dick be any more thoughtful?

"Do you like it? You don't have to wear it if you don't want," he asked reassuringly.

I put it over my eyes and looked at him with the biggest smile I could muster. I placed my hands on his chiseled face and brought him close to me. "This is the greatest, most thoughtful thing ever. Thank you."

And with that sentiment, I pulled him in for a heartfelt kiss.


We followed Wally into the kitchen and gathered around the island counter. Megan pulled a tray of fresh baked cookies out of the oven and set them in front of us. Even though we were inside a mountain, the atmosphere felt cozy and welcoming. Artemis smiled at me as she snagged a cookie and Dick gently rested his hand of the curve of my back as he grabbed some food himself. "TGIF, am I right guys?" Wally exclaimed as he stuffed two treats into his smiling mouth.

"Excuse me, but what does TGIF mean?" asked Kaldur, slowly biting into his cookie.

"...thank god it's Friday," Conner mumbled, but then began to smile as Megan intertwined his hands with hers.

"Oh, that reminds me!" I exclaimed.

I pulled out my phone and texted Karen that I was going hanging with Artemis for the weekend to study for finals on Monday. I had a feeling I'd be hanging with the team for a while, planning our trip to South America and partying at the formal the next day. 

"We have finals on Monday..." Artemis croaked, " anyone even going to study?"

"No!" we all chorused at the same time.

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