Chapter Fourteen

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Dick's Point of View

Brooklyn and I sat downstairs eating Hawaiian pizza in the living room, laptops in both of our laps. I was looking up registered clones and Project Cadmus in Bruce's files. I had no idea of what Brooklyn was looking at on her computer though.

"There's plenty of clones and/or cloning technology out there that could've caused this whole debacle," I began, "...but I just don't understand why it would happen to you."

I looked up to see Brooklyn glazed over by her computer screen. She didn't hear a word I said as she scrolled along.


"Huh, what?" she mumbled as she looked up at me with a grin.

"I just said that -- "

"Grayson," she interrupted, "...look at this dress! It would be perfect for the formal."

She flipped over her computer and in front of me was a lacy black dress with gold accents and a revealing neckline. I pictured Brooklyn in that dress with my old Robin domino mask on her freckled face. It was going to be a masquerade after all. It would be the perfect pairing. She would be irresistible.

"Er, wow," I stumbled, "...that's gorgeous. You'd look gorgeous in it."

She barely heard my compliment as she checked the price, "Holy hell. Three-hundred dollars? Yeah, okay. I can't afford that."

She closed the tab. "Wait, what?" I asked appalled, "...I could get it for you. You know Bruce is like rich, right?"

"No, no," she shook her head, "...I couldn't do that."

"Babe -- "

"Dick," she stopped me, "'s fine. I don't want to make you pay for it. I'm sure I'll find a cheaper one. Anyways, we should focus on doing some research on this clone stuff. Why would someone do this to me?"

I accepted that she wanted to move on and pulled up my research, "Well, I don't know who, but I maybe it has something to do with Project Cadmus."

"Oh my god... Cadmus, Cadmus, Cadmus..." she muttered to herself, as if trying to remember something.

Brooklyn snatched my computer and sat on the other side of the sofa. She began clicking and typing so rapidly, I couldn't catch on to what she was doing anymore.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm hacking into all the shipments to and from Cadmus locations in the past year to see if we can find any of their bases. I have an inkling on something and I don't like it."

She plugged in her little green "magic" USB and began hacking away. After about two minutes, she stopped, staring point blank at the screen. "You okay?" I asked.

She blinked but her eyes stayed on the screen as they talked, "Remember when I told you about my parents?"


"And how they were working off the coast of South America but died mysteriously?"


"Well, no wonder Project Cadmus sounded so familiar. I remember them saying something about that before they left. They were on the team I think. This is just a guess, but I have a gut feeling I'm right."

I looked over to the computer, put my arm around her, and looked at the screen with all the imports and exports. There was a shipment that left the coast of South Africa and went straight to Gotham's harbor. "Brooklyn, do you see this? Click on the date it was shipped."

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