Chapter Four

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Dick's Point of View

I heard a knock on my bedroom door from Alfred, "Master Dick, you slept through your alarm this morning. I have to leave to pick up Miss Wilson in ten minutes."

I groaned as I pulled the sheets over my head and felt my hair was still a little wet from the night before. I got up out of bed and put on my school uniform.

I wonder if Bruce is downstairs. I need to ask him about why he paid for Brooklyn's tuition to the Academy.

Sure enough, he was there, reading the newspaper and eating a piece of slightly burnt toast. I grabbed myself a piece from the kitchen and sat down next to him at the table. "Bruce," I said, my mouth full of bread, "Why did you pay for Brooklyn's tuition?"

He put down his toast and continued to read his paper, "She needed to get away from her family problems."

"Family problems?"

"Dick, it's not my place to tell you. I know her parents and I've taken her under my wing. She's a good kid and she needed help."

I finished my bread and scooted out of my chair. "I'm guessing you're not going to tell me anything else?"


"Good talk, Bruce," I mumbled sarcastically.

I ran out to the SUV where Alfred was there waiting.

"You were almost late, Master Dick. Now, let's go pick up Miss Wilson."


The bell rang for lunch and I made my way for the cafeteria. I looked around the room to find Brooklyn already sitting there at our regular spot. Her face was lit up as she was telling Artemis about some wild story and I couldn't stifle a smile. "What fantastic tale are you telling now, Wilson?"

Her smile grew as she turned towards me. "I met Nightwing last night. He saved my life and Karen's pizza shop."

"Did you hear that, Dick?" Artemis jokingly glared, "Nightwing saved her!"

"He also hugged me," Brooklyn added, "Which caught me totally off-guard, but it was also pretty cool."

"Nightwing hugged her!" Artemis added, "Isn't that something?"

"You're not telling anyone else right?" I asked, hesitant.

"Oh god, no. Just my two only acquaintances here."

"Brooklyn, I'll let you tell Dick the story while I go get some lunch," Artemis stood up and left.

I sat down next to her and she didn't hesitate to begin, "Well, I found him looking at me through my window and I brought him inside my room. Then, we just made out the whole night."

My eyes widened and I pulled at my collar. "Kidding, totally kidding."

"I knew that," I stuttered, "Continue."

"Well, he did actually come in my room, but he was totally flirting with me and I forgot I was in my pajamas, so I was totally embarrassed afterwards. Anyways, he told me not to intervene and all I was trying to do was lock the doors so the bad guys wouldn't come in. But, evidently I was caught and held at gunpoint.

He beat up all the bad guys and saved me. I won't get into details, but he did hug me for some odd reason and it was actually really nice. Bizarre, but nice. I guess superheroes need affection as well. So yeah, and now I owe him a favor, so I'm guessing I'll see him again."

I just sat there trying to act like this story never happened to me as well. "Wow, that's insane. Did he reveal his secret identity?"

"Grayson, you're just humoring me. Of course he didn't. He did remind me of you though. Both of you have a thing for interrupting things mid-sentence."

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