Chapter Fifteen

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Brooklyn's Point of View, at school:

"I know it's near the end of the school year folks, but please get all your homework in me by tomorrow before the weekend. Finals are on Monday, so study hard," mumbled my English teacher, "...also, have fun at the formal this weekend. Be safe and don't do anything stupid."

"Not making any promises!" some random kid shouted in the back of class.

The class quietly erupted with laughter and I just rolled my eyes. I couldn't wait to get out of there. Luckily, the bell rang and everyone sprung out of their seats to get to lunch. I picked up my phone as I navigated through the hallway and dialed Dick's number. I needed to ask him what time he was going to pick me up to go meet his team. It rang three times and soon enough I heard his voice on the line. "Babe, hey, what's up?"

I blushed at his sweet and deep voice, "...what time are you picking me up? And, are we riding your motorcycle? I want to know if I should even bother doing my hair or not."

He chuckled at me and sighed, "Yes. I'm picking you up on my bike and I'll be there around 4:30. Is that alright?"

"I mean, yeah. But, if you're picking me up that close to the end of the school day why don't we just leave school together and grab a bite to eat first?" I smiled.

"Sorry Wilson, I can't," Dick sighed, "...I'm meeting with the League now to discuss adding new members to our team. I'll be back to pick you up in time."

"The League? The freaking Justice League?" my mouth dropped, "...I hate to admit it, Grayson, but you're actually kind of cool or something."

Dick scoffed on the other line, "I know it pains you to say the truth, but I appreciate the compliment. Oh, they're starting. I'll see you at 4:30. Also, bring workout clothes. Wear my Hal's Gym shirt actually."

I sat down at my lunch table puzzled, "Why do I have to wear your shirt?"

He smirked, "Because you look so damn hot in it."

Then he hung up the line.

"Dick Grayson," I gasped and began to blush as I placed my phone down.

I couldn't wait to tell Artemis about Dick being totally smooth as hell. I looked around for her and after ten minutes, she was nowhere to be found. I began to become upset because no one was sitting with me. I glumly ate my cheese pizza, put in my headphones, and just scrolled through endless social medias.

Suddenly, I heard a feminine laugh above me and looked up. "Well, I guess Dickie ditched you today. What a sad sight," said the voice.

I paused my music and looked up. It was Cindy. I just rolled my eyes, "...what do you want, Cindy?"

She pouted her lips sarcastically and broke into a menacing glare, "You took my date to the formal. I know, you haven't told anyone. But, rumors spread and I know this one's true."

"Listen, Cindy -- " I began.

"Shut the hell up," she cut me off, "'re out to get me, Brooklyn Wilson. I know your type. I swear, if you show up to the formal with Dick, I'll make you regret it."

She paused and snatched my headphones out of my ears. She clutched them in her hands and furrowed her brows, "...I wouldn't take this lightly. Don't try me."

She dropped my headphones and turned around to walk away. But, if she thought I was going to take that crap from her, she was wrong.

"Listen here, Cindy," I said sternly as I grabbed her thin arm, "...I'm going to the formal with Dick and there's nothing you can do about it. Stop making this your dream stereotypical high school drama. Get over yourself."

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