Chapter Three

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Brooklyn's Point of View

A week after my first day of school, my life was going great. Dick Grayson and I were becoming friends, slowly, but easily. He laughed at my jokes and made ones himself. I worked part-time at Karen's pizza shop and I'm continuing to help out the local police find crime. Try-outs for the school musical were in a few days and I was so hyped to join the cast. My time back in Gotham was surprisingly better than I thought it would be.

I looked over to my alarm clock and realized it was 7:10.

Crap, Dick's gonna be here in ten minutes!

I raced out of bed, slipped on my uniform, put on mascara, and brushed out my hair. I grabbed my laptop and slid it into my backpack. I ran down the stairs, grabbed a slice of pizza, and jumped into the SUV. Dick was sitting there, slightly grinning, and I sat down next to him.

"He told me to save that seat for you this morning," said a voice sitting in the passenger seat in front of me.

"Artemis," Dick muttered, "Uh, Wilson, this is Artemis Crock. She's goes to Gotham and occasionally catches a ride with me in the morning."

She turned around in her seat, "Yeah I spent the night last -- "

My eyes widened as Dick looked towards me nervously, "Not like that, though. I swear."

I squinted my eyes and pretended to shrug it off, "I don't care. I'm not your girlfriend, Grayson."

I winked at him and he blushed a deep red. Artemis chuckled and turned around in her seat.

But why would she spend the night? What does that even mean?


We got out of the car and walked into Computer Tech class. Dick and I sat down in our regular seats and I grabbed my laptop out of my bag once more. It was Casual Friday at school and I just took note of what Dick was wearing. He was dressed in a dark gray t-shirt and khaki shorts, his back and arm muscles showing through. His hair was perfectly messy and he had a glow to him that made my heart flutter.

"Enjoying the view?" he joked, waving his hand in front of my eyes.

My gaze moved towards his hand; it was strong and significantly larger than mine. At that moment, I strangely wanted to interlock my fingers with his.

"God, even your hands are attractive," I muttered under my breath, still caught in a trance.


"What? I didn't say anything. Shut up," I hurriedly mumbled at him, trying to hide my embarrassment, " just look different on Casual Fridays."

"Good different?"

"Yes, very good different."

I smiled sheepishly at him and he turned to his backpack, blushing. I could see him eyeing me as he tried to find his own laptop from his bag. I looked down to remember what I was wearing. Today I didn't try too hard. I just slipped on my sandals, denim shorts, and my favorite light green blouse. My hair was up in a messy bun and I had put on a coat of light gray nail polish. The more I thought about it, I realized I did try hard.

"Like what you see?" I say, looking into his scanning eyes.

"You also look different on Casual Fridays."

My cheeks turned crimson and I tucked a strand of loose hair behind my ears, "Good different?"

"Why, yes, very good different."


At the end of class, we came out together and walked towards the library. As we passed through a crowded hallway, Dick had to squeeze closer to me. He carefully placed his hand on my back and leaned towards me, gently grazing my ear with his soft lips as he whispered, "I have a shortcut up ahead on the right. Let's get out of this hallway."

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