Chapter 8

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BTW, the ~ ~ ~ means the story is jumping to third person and the * * * means it's just skipping ahead.

~ ~ ~

"No, I'm not an earth bender!" He yelled, struggling under the grip of several fire nation soldiers. 

"We have proof kid. There are several witnesses! So shut up and get on the boat!" The soldier said back. 

"But I'm not an earth bender! They're lying! I'll show you, I'm a fire bender!" He tried to kick the soldier. "Untie me and I'll prove it!" 

"Only the Avatar can bend more then one element." The soldier said, clearly getting annoyed. 

"That's my point! Let me fire bend and I'll prove you have the wrong person!" The boy yelled, fearful about what had been happening recently. Why were the fire benders acting like this?

"Behave or you'll be killed!" The soldier yelled. "And I'll beg for the honor!"

~ ~ ~

"Hey guys!" I said. "I found a small strawberry bush. It isn't much, but it's more then the nuts Sokka found." I marched into camp, in the woods I think near an earth kingdom village. 

"Hey they are not that bad!" Sokka complained. I stared at him. "Ok, they are." He admitted. 

Although it wasn't much, I picked enough strawberries to give us a good snack until we could find more food. Momo got some as well, and Appa and Maya got some peaches. Ok, a lot of peaches. But they were huge flying bison, they needed the food. 

Suddenly, a huge boom echoed through the woods. "What was that?" Aang yelled. Again it happened. "It's coming from over there!" We got up and ran toward it. 

We found some kid practicing earth bending. "An earth bender!" Katara exclaimed. 

"Let's go meet him!" Aang said happily. 

"He looks dangerous so be better approach cautiously. Sokka reasoned. 

"Hello there!" Katara yelled, standing several feet in front of us and waving. "I'm Katara! What's your name?" 

He seemed surprised and ran away. 

"I bet there's a town near by!" Aang said. "He has to be running somewhere!" 

"And that means a market! Which means a real dinner!" Katara said. 

"I needed something more then strawberries!" I said as we ran off. 

* * * 

Aang bought a hat in the market to cover his arrow. 

"That looks great on you." I told him, laughing. He grinned widely. 

"Hey!" Katara said, running over to a door. We followed. "Hey, you're that kid!" Katara said as she opened the door. "Why did you run away before?" 

"Uh, you must have me confused with some other kid." He said, looking a bit scared. 

"No she doesn't." Aang said. "We saw you earth bending!" 

Both the kid and his mother gasped and shut the door and window. "They saw you doing what?" The mother demanded. 

"They're cray mom!" He argued. "I mean, look at how they're dressed!" 

The others took that as a moment to feel self conscious about their clothes, while I only laughed. 

The mother ignored that. "You know how dangerous that is! You know what would happen if they caught you earth bending!" 

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. "Open up!" Yelled a voice. 

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