Kila's Second Death

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Kila woke suddenly. She sat up quickly, the dream still on her mind. She glanced around the small room and grabbed her glider. No use calling Maya, she was probably asleep. She jumped out the window  and flew over to the air ball court. 

She sat on one of the long pegs and sighed. This was her home, yet it felt more like prison. Aang, her twin brother, was the only one who care for her.

She decided to play by herself. She would never be allowed on a team, but she loved the game anyway. She played for hours. As the sun slowly rose, Kila sat, too tired to play another round. She saw something below her. Some people were by the bottom of the mountain. 

Kila stood. They looked like fire benders. But what were they doing there? Kila grabbed her glider and flew over to meet them. 

That was her mistake. They saw her, and one of them yelled, "Look! A young air bender! Kill her!" Flames shot up around her, and she easily dodged. She sent a strong blast of wind at them, and they were blown back.

She was too tired to block or dodge the second shot. It hit her full on, and kept coming. Her skin burned, and she screamed, sure no one would hear her. 

She fell, screaming. She had to tell Aang, she had too. These people were not friendly. Not in the slightest. They shot at her just because they saw her. 

She hit the ground, pain shooting through her. Her glider fell at her side. The pain stopped. She also stopped screaming. The fire benders saw her and laughed. Then they walked away. 

"Have to... tell... Aang!" Kila said suddenly, surprising everyone, even herself. She was sure she had died. But never the less, she was alive, and she had to tell Aang. She struggled to her feet, the fire benders shooting at her. She didn't feel it, though. The fire burned her skin, but she couldn't let that stop her. 

"Can't... die!" She said, louder this time. "Leave... fire... benders!" And she thrust out her hand, and a powerful blast of wind sent them flying backward. They didn't stop, they just got up and ran. 

Kila collapsed. Gasping for breath, she knew what she had to do. "Can't... remember..." She muttered, sleep tugging at her. "Must... forget..." She fell back, her eyes closing. 

When she woke, it was well past morning. She sat up, wondering what she was doing on the ground at the bottom of the mountain. She could have fallen, but that would have killed her, if she fell from anywhere higher then a tree. 

She grabbed her glider, now good as new. Her skin remained unburned, and she felt fine. She just shrugged, and flew back up the mountain, Aang's room, thinking she should be there. 


Yay! I got over a hundred reads! Call me stupid, but I never thought I'd get more then, like, fifty! Thanks guys! If I weren't in right now I'd get up and dance... Well, it's exiting anyway. Thank you so so much!

And coming back in to edit this more then a year later, wow I really was stupid, wasn't I? Now this thing has like 39.6k reads and just wow. It really has grown quite a bit, hasn't it? 

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