Chapter 12 (Finally!)

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I spun around to see Zuko standing inches away. "Two and a half avatars. You will make a most interesting gift to my father." He said, looking at me with a grin on his face. 

"Remember, I look better gift wrapped." I muttered. 

"Who's he?" Kuzon asked. 

"Um.. A fire nation prince?" I said uncertainly, wondering how he'd take being kidnapped by one of his decedents.

He laughed. "That's brilliant!" He said, choking now. 

"Don't kill yourself again!" I said, laughing at him. 

While this was happening, everyone else was staring at us like we were dancing cub bear-rats. 

"Don't move!" Zuko said, preparing to fire bend. 

"Watch me." I said, then yelled, "Run!" Everyone turned and ran, me and Kuzon at the back. As Zuko sot fire, we tried to redirect it. But that required stopping and turning. I managed to control the fire, which is harder when it's someone else's. But that left an opening for him to grab my wrist. I tried to struggle, but he had a grip like iron. Kuzon came back and tried to help, but was subdued but several of Zuko's soldiers. 

"Go!" I told the others, who had come to help. "Leave! Take Maya! Get out of here!" Aang looked unsure, so I smiled and said, "Don't worry about us. We'll be fine." 

He clearly didn't like it, but he had to get Sokka and Katara out of there. 

We were dragged back to his ship and put in a room that looked rather nice. "Don't touch anything." Zuko said, shoving us inside. "I'll be back soon." 

I turned to Kuzon after studying the room. "Don't touch anything." I grinned widely. 

"Not a single thing." He said, lighting fire to a table cloth. 

"Not one little thing." I shot a blast of air at the bed. 

"Nope." Kuzon bent the water in a cup and made it cut up the rest of the table after putting out the fire. 

"Completely innocent." I bent the coal from the fire place and made it smash the plates and cups that were on the table. 

Once we were finished, we looked at out good work. Kuzon said, "Do you thing touching the floor counts?" 

"Maybe we should ask your great nephew." I teased. I looked at the room again. "This looks more like home." 

"I can see the resemblance between Azulon and Zuko. They have the same hair." Kuzon said. 

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, they're almost twins." 

At that moment, the door slammed open and Zuko yelled, "What happened in here?!" 

"We didn't touch anything." I said, laughing uncontrollably at his reaction. 

"With our hands anyway." Kuzon added, tears of laughter in his eyes. 

"Fine, we can stay in here then." Zuko closed the door and sat down on the floor. I did the same, right in front of Zuko and Kuzon sat at my side. 

"Alright chief hotman, what's on your mind?" I asked in a serious voice. 

"Don't call me that!" He yelled. Calming down, he asked, "How can two people who aren't the avatar bend more then one element?" 

"That's easy." I said. "One day, a great spirit in the shape of a tiger-monkey came to us in a dream and blessed us with untold powers." 

"That's nice." Zuko said. "Now tell me the truth." 

"That is the truth." 

"Maybe your boyfriend will be more cooperative?" Zuko sneered. 

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