Chapter 15

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We only spent a few days there, as we had to keep moving to find Aang. Ever since the first night, we had been acting like a couple. I was afraid his feelings would change after the whole dying and coming back thing, but they didn't. 

"Too bad we don't have Maya." I said. "I can't carry us the entire time." 

"We should get back to earth nation territory." Kuzon said. "We can change back to our old clothes their and see if they have word of Aang and the others." 

"We fly fast and high." I said, leaping into the air. "I want to be out of here before sundown." 

We flew and found a forest where we made camp and changed clothes. A few hours into the night, we were woken by fire everywhere. 

"This camp is infested with the fire nation!" Kuzon yelled, directing some fire around us to go back to the soldiers. I blew air and fire left and right, but seconds later, a group of kids our age came from the trees and began attacking with us. 

After the battle, on of them turned to us. "You're fire benders, but not with the fire nation? That's almost unheard of." 

"I'm Kuzon, and I'm a pr-" I elbowed him, then continued for him. 

"He's a person who ran from then when he found out what they do to people." I finished, giving him a look that said, we shouldn't tell everyone we're from another time. "And I'm Kila, Avatar Aang's sister." 

"Aang huh? Traveling with Katara and Sokka?" The kid asked. 

"Are they here?" I asked hopefully. 

"No, they passed through a few days ago." He said. "We had a bit of a misunderstanding and I was on the wrong, I see that now. They fixed a huge mistake of mine before it happened, but I didn't realize it then. I'm Jet." He finished. 

"Do you have any idea where they went?" 

"They were going North. Not sure after that." 

"That's fine." I shivered at the cold. 

Jet noticed. "Come stay the night at our hideout. You can leave in the morning." He insisted. I nodded and we followed him into a city in the trees. 

~ ~ ~

A few days later, we flying over a beach, and I was so tired from flying and it was the middle of the night, so when I tried to land, we ended up crashing next to a boat, and I thought I heard Aang's voice calling my name. 

Sure enough, when I woke, Aang was sitting over me. "Kila!" He exclaimed when I woke. 

"Where's Kuzon?" I asked. 

"In another room, resting. What happened? There's a fire nation outfit in both your and Kuzon's backpacks." 

"Funny story." I muttered, rubbing my head and sitting up. "We got a bit off track and flew directly into the heart of the fire nation, and even ended up stealing food from the palace." 

"That sounds crazy." Aang said, laughing. "We had a few things that delayed us, Katara ans Sokka got sick, we had to cross the great divide on foot, we stayed a few days with this guy in the forest named Jet, so I hoped you would catch up." 

"Hey, I met Jet." I said. "He told me you fixed a mistake before it could be made for him. What does that mean?" 

"He was going to flood a village because it had been taken over by the fire nation, but we stopped him because there were innocent citizens there." Aang told me. "I hope he doesn't try something like that again." 

"Actually," I said. "He fells really sorry about that." 

"I hope so." Aang looked away. "Can I tell you something?" 

"Sure, what?" 

"Last night, we met a guy from Sokka and Katara's water tribe who was separated from their fleet who's out fighting, and he's waiting for a message telling him where their dad is, and before I found you, I got the map from a messenger, but Sokka and Katara said they'd leave to see their dad when it came, so they won't be traveling with us anymore. Should I give it to them?" 

"Whoa there." I said. "Slow down. Did they actually say they'd leave?"

"They said it would be great to see their dad again when Bato asked them if they wanted to come with him." Aang told me. 

"That doesn't mean they'll leave. What did they say after that?" 

"I don't know." Aang sighed. "I left." 

"I think you should give them the map." I said. "And see what happens. Be honest with them, or when they find out they'll be mad." 

"Your right." Aang sighed and got up. "I'll go check on Kuzon." 

~ ~ ~

The next day, Aang gave them the map and explained why he didn't the night before.

"Oh, Aang, we would never leave you!" Katara exclaimed when she heard, hugging him tightly. 

"Yeah, we're with you till the end." Sokka agreed. He turned to Bato. "I guess this is goodbye." 

"We'll see each other again soon." Bato promised. "You should get going." 

We went over to the bison and Maya knocked me to the ground in a hug. "I missed you girl." I said. "Flying long distance without you is horrible." 

Suddenly, the Abby doors exploded open and and a giant monster came in, and on it's back was some girl I don't know, Iroh and-

"Zuko." Aang glared, instantly jumping into a fighting stance. We all followed as the battle broke out. Unfortunately, Sokka, Katara and Kuzon was paralyzed almost instantly, so as Aang fought Zuko, I fought the monster and girl. 

One of the sisters had the idea to dump perfume on the monster, as it saw with it's nose. We dumped out barrels and I bent them all at the monster, showering it in sents. In it's rage of blindness, it hit it's rider and Zuko, making them fall. 

The sister promised to take care of them and yelled at us to run, so we hopped on the bison and flew off. 

"So, where do we go?" Aang asked as we flew off. 

"We're getting you to the north pole." Katara responded. "Kila too." 

"Hey, don't forget Kuzon and yourself!" I said, making her smile. 

"Yeah," Sokka agreed. "We've lost too much time as it is." 

"Don't you want to see your dad again?" Aang asked, confused. 

"Of course we do." Sokka told him. "But your our family too."

"Didn't we go over this already?" I asked. "Aang, no one's leaving you, don't you ever think about it again." 

Aang got a sly face on, and said, "I wish I could give you something from home, Katara. Something to remind you." 

"I'll be ok." Katara told him, smiling. 

"Still, just a little trinket." Aang insisted. "Maybe something like..this!" He held up her mother's necklace, which I remember she lost when we found Kuzon. 

As Katara kissed Aang and they began talking, I turned to Kuzon, as we were both alone on Maya. "Hey, I was just wondering." I said. "You were in a prison for earth bending, yet that's not one of your bending abilities. But people must have seen you bend. How?" 

"I'm not sure." Kuzon said taking me hand in his. "And I'm not entirely sure I want to find out." 


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