Chapter 21

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"So you met the dragon and he told you about your power. What then?" Aang asked. We sat alone in the room I was given. Strange, we were in the water nation already. It seemed like not too long ago we had just left the other one. Huh. 

"Well.." I muttered. I was not quite so excited to share this bit. "Kzazul said I should seek out some guy named Ji'Anni, but he wasn't specific on why. You forget to ask for detail sometimes when you're dead. Oh well." 

"So.. are you leaving?" Aang's face fell. 

"Gosh no! I still have to learn the elements and such. I'll stay for a while, at least, while we're here, but who knows when I'll get news of this guy." I sighed. "I don't want to have to leave Aang, you know that. But I have to master this power and if there's even a slight chance Ji'Anni can help, I have to try." 

"I know." Aang hugged me. "But I'll miss you if you have to leave." 

"So," I said suddenly. "How long was I, you know, out?" 

"Two weeks." Aang frown. "Katara and Sokka didn't see the point in taking you with us, but then, when we got here, you breathed, just once. That was enough. But then you were gone again, until tonight." 

"Two weeks!" I exclaimed. "Well, it's better then 100 years, but still!" 

"Yeah, well.." Aang grinned. "Ready to start water bending training?" 

"Yeah, I guess." I got out of bed kicked Aang out to change and met him outside the hut. The city was made of ice and it was still dark. 

Aang shot me a glance. "Um, no one else knows you're coming yet, so.." 

"I got this." I whipped out my glider. "I'll follow you from the sky. Don't look up, I'll appear when you're ready. Send me a message." 

"You go it!" Aang laughed as I took flight, hiding myself in a cloud. I followed him and waited until I got his signal. Ready. 

I went into a nose dive and pulled up last second, landing perfectly next to Aang. "Hey guys." I said, seeing the look ok the waterbending master's face. 

"But, you were dead!" He exclaimed. 

"Yeah, um, it's best not to tell anyone who doesn't already know." I said. "We want to keep it secret from the fire nation, you know. For now."

"Master Pakku, this is Kila, Kila, Master Pakku." Aang introduced. "Now that that's out of the way.." 

"Right." Pakku said, shaking himself out of his initial shock. "Let me call your other friends over. Since you just came back, I figured you'd want to minute to be antiquated. But just a minute." He called some people over and when I turned around..

"Kila!" I was tackled in a hug. That wasn't Katara's voice. 

"Kuzon!" I exclaimed. "What are you doing here?" 

"Jeong-Jeong and I fled here to hide out for a while because of an.. incident. Then Aang showed up and Jeong-Jeong said I could learn bending with you guys until his wounds heal. But the you were dead and Katara and Master Pakku had a duel and-"

"Slow down there." I said while we picked ourselves up. Katara gave me a quick hug. "How's fire bending training?" 

"Good so far. I've learned loads of new bending moves and strategy. I've memorized several maps of the new world to know where the fire nation is and we've helped take back several towns. The last one was close to here, and there were way to many, so now we're here. What about you?" 

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