Chapter 16

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"So, where to next?" I asked as we landed near a fire nation town.

"That town over there is having a fire festival!" Aang said happily. "We should check it out!"

"No, no, definitely no!" Sokka said. "We aren't going into that town. Look there's even a wanted poster of you!"

While Katara, Kuzon and I admired the posters of him, Aang and Sokka continues to argued.

"But this may bey only chance to observe aaster up close!" Aang said. "Unfortunately Kuzon only knows the basics, just like Katara."

"Well, waterbending master seem to be a little less evil." Sokka countered.

"If we go in disguises, no one will know it's us." I jumped in. "Me and Aang really need to learn fire bending, and it wouldn't hurt if Kuzon were a master as well."

"I think it will be alright if we go." Katara decided, and while Aang cheered, Sokka's last minute argument went unheard.

Me and Kuzon wore our fire nation outfits, and I put the hood on my jacket up to hide my blonde hair.

Sokka and Katara both pulled their hoods up, and Aang kind of pulled his shirt over his head and gave us this huge goofy grin. 

"It's like your a whole different person." Sokka told Aang sarcastically. 

Aang, however, didn't seem to get that Sokka didn't really think the costume was good at all. He just continued smiling and led us into the festival. 

Me and Kuzon decided to split off from the group to check out the festival on our own. He led me through the streets expertly, as it he had been here before. 

When I voiced my thoughts to him, he replied with, "I have. This town hasn't changed very much in 100 years." 

After a while, we found an ice cream stand and bought flaming fire red ice cream cones. It was odd, they weren't spicy, like we thought, but just really warm ice cream that didn't melt. 

I hardly finished mine when we heard a loud commotion a little ways away. I turned to Kuzon with an exasperated sigh. "What's to bet that's Aang and the others?" 

He didn't reply, just gave a tired grin, as we ran off after them. 

"Kila, Kuzon, glad you could make it!" Aang said as we ran into him. He was with Katara, Sokka, and this strange other guy. No time for questions, Aang was blowing on this bison shaped whistle. 

"I hope Appa can actually hear that thing!" Sokka yelled as we continued to run. The whistle had made no sound at all. 

A few minutes later, Appa showed up and rescued us from the soldiers chasing us. The other weird guy began talking to Aang and Katara, but just then, Maya showed up and me, Kuzon and Katara jumped onto her back. 

"So." Katara said, but not teasingly. "You and Kuzon."

I blushed a bit and told her, "We started dating before the war. I never told Aang, I didn't have the time. We got stuck in the ice berg the week after."

"So Aang doesn't know?" She asked. I shook my head. "You'll have to tell him sometime."

"I know." I sighed. 

"And Kuzon?" 


"Thanks for not being like Zuko. For not being the typical fire bender." 

Kuzon laughed. "I grew up in a time when fire benders were nice, like the water nation. Actually, people would like to think the fire nation and the water nation are polar opposites, but they're not."

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