Chapter 23

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We opened our eyes to see an odd swampy landscape. "The spirit world is different every time, ins't it?" I asked. 

"I guess so." Aang smiled. "Well, at least we made it!" 

"Yeah." I looked around. "What now?" 

"Now we look for the moon and ocean spirits!" Aang ran off and I followed, my wings still on my back. 

We found an odd monkey looking creature sitting on a platform. Aang ran up to him. "Hello?" He asked. "I'm sorry to disturb you, but we really need to find the moon and the ocean spirits."

"Go away." He responded without opening his eyes. After a moments, he opened one eye to look at Aang. "You're still here." He said irritably. 

"Yes, I need-" Aang began, but the spirit cut him off with loud meditating. 

A glowing thing, like a firefly, flew past and the monkey said, "Perhaps that thing will help you. Chase it!" 

Aang ran off, but I stood there, glaring at the monkey with my arms crossed. "What do you know?" I asked. 

"Deathbreaker, you are not welcomed here." The monkey said. "I cannot be seen helping you. I will not attack, but you must leave." 

I just stood there for a second, waiting to see if he would turn hostile, but he just went back to meditating. I spread my wings and flew off to catch up with Aang. 

He had fallen into a tree and the firefly flew away. "Come back!" He yelled hopelessly. 

I landed next to him and saw Roku's face in the water at out feet, where Aang's shadow should be. "Hello Aang." Roku said. "Kila, it is good to see you two. 

"Roku!" Aang exclaimed. "That water tribe is under attack. I need to find the ocean and the moon spirits!"

Roku formed out of the water into a form, which I found odd. "The ocean and the moon are ancient spirits. They crossed over from the spirit world, to the mortal world, very near the beginning. There is only one spirit I know of who is old enough to remember."

"Who?" Aang asked. 

"The spirit's name is Ko, but he is very dangerous. They call him 'the face stealer'. When you speak with him, you must be very careful to show no emotion at all. Not the slightest expression, or he will steal your face." Roku told him. 

Aang wiped his face of emotion and nodded. "Common Kila." He said. 

"No." Roku stopped me. "Ko is on the opposing side of the war, Kila. Going there would be a grave mistake. He will not harm Aang, but he would not hesitate to kill you Kila." 

"Go on Aang." I said. "I'll find you when you're done." 

He looked at me worriedly. Then he nodded and ran off. 

Roku turned to me. "Kila, you should not have come." 

"I know." I sighed. "Being here, even around friendly spirits, is dangerous. But I couldn't let Aang come alone. So if something attacks Aang, I will rush to his rescue." 

"That could be what ignites the all out war." Roku warned. "Even now, the fighting is at a minimal. But any hostility will end the uneasy peace."

"I know." I said again. "And someday I will restore full peace to the spirit world. But for now, I have to focus on the task on hand." 

"Which one?" Roku asked. "Finding Ji'Anni, saving the water nation, or helping Aang take down the fire lord?" 

"All three." I said firmly. "I can do them all. But at the top of the list is the water nation. Then helping Aang. If I find anything about Ji'Anni while I'm doing that, that becomes my first priority."

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