The Storm

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I'm back!!!!! So so so sorry it took so long. I just finished re-watching the series again. School has also kept me busy. But here it is. I'll have more up soon. 

Aang. Where was he? He should be here, right here. This is his room. That's when Kila noticed the note. it was a scroll, tied up, left on Aang's bed. She quickly untied it and read it. It was from Aang. He was leaving. 

It was raining now. Really raining. Kila could see fire outside. Fire? In an Air Bending temple? Kila had no time to dwell on that. She Looked outside. Faintly, she could see a sky bison flying away. "Aang!" She yelled. "Aang!" 

She jumped out the window, trying to fly with her glider, but the wind was much to strong. Kila cried out as she was knocked aside. Falling, she yelled for help from someone, anyone. 

She landed, but not on the ground. She sat up. She was on Maya, her own sky bison. They were flying toward the ground. "No, Maya, we have to follow Aang. Please, you have to follow him and Appa. We can't stay here." 

Mila gave a roar, then bravely flew into the storm. Kila gripped her glider, sitting on Maya's head. "Aang!" She called when they were close. "Aang!"

"Kila?" Aang asked, looking back at her. "Kila, go back." 

"What? No way! There's nothing for me there. If your leaving, so am I!" Kila said firmly. 

Aang glanced back. "Kila, there's fire there." He said, scared.

"It's ok. They can put it out." Kila said reassuringly. 

Aang nodded. "This storm is terrible." He said. 

"Yeah. Aang, where are we- AANG!" Kila screamed as lightning very close. They both managed to dodge."AANG!!!" She screamed as she saw her brother and his Bison hit the water. 

Kila aimed her own bison down and shot toward him. They hit the freezing water. Kila hopped off her bison and shot down to Aang. She tried to grab his arm. As soon as they made contact, they began to glow. Their arms and tattoos glowed as power rushed through them. "Bend!" The word shot through their minds as thousands of voices called out to their present lives, the two drowning avatars. 

"Bend!" They heard it again. They used the power to bend the water around them, shielding them. "Bend!" Again. It kept coming, the one word, the power, all for 100 years. 


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