Where Aang Went

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Kila reached the room Aang lived in to find him gone. A note on his bed told her and everyone he was leaving for good and not coming back. "No!" She screamed, run back to the window, dropping the note. She didn't care what hour it was anymore, but she jumped out the window and whistled loudly for Maya, who caught her.

Kila directed her out to circle the temple for any sign of where Aang might be, and found him soaring off to sea. It had started raining, and Kila panicked a bit and flew after him. Maya was not fast enough to caught up, but Aang had to stop Appa momentarily to dodge a lightning strike.

Kila took advantage of this and flew up to him as he began to go again. "Aang!" She had to yell to reach him over the high winds and thunder. "Aang you can't leave!"

"Kila don't follow me!" Aang shouted, glancing at her. Kila was stubborn, though, and never though much of what Aang said she shouldn't do, because he often did them himself.

"And what, stay here? With these people? Aang, you know they hate me! And I can let you go alone! I'm coming!"

Aang sighed heavily and glanced at her sadly, but let her follow. "They were going to send me away." He muttered. They think I'm a problem. They say I'm much too young, yet they only have themselves to blame for telling me."

Kila heard that over the winds because of her ability to call sound waves to her.


For some reason this chapter was deleted. Some of you could read it and some couldn't, so I re-posted it.

This is hardly even a chapter. Not even 300 words, including these. 

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