*In first period,Algebra* Ms.Clinton:Class!We have a new student today her name is Aaliyah and i would like if you'd all make her feel welcome. *Everybody starts looking at aaliyah* Aaliyah:Hi? Demoni:Wassup,Lil shawty? *Demoni start checkin her out* Khalil:She off limits. Demoni:Man,Why you allways get the good ones! *Aaliyah's POV:Allways? What if he is a player? What if bahja is right? What if i am just another notch on his belt.* Layah:Wait hold up!So you goin out with her too?! Khalil:Nah,its not like that Layah,we just friends! Layah:Mmmh...Betta be. *Layah gives Aaliyah a look and turns around.After 1st period walking to 2nd pd. Aaliyah's is p.e. Khalil's is Science.*Khalil:Aaliyah!Wait up.*Aaliyah keeps walking till Khalil catches up and stops her.* Khalil:Whats wrong? Aaliyah:Seriously Khalil?! You really have some guts to ask me that! Khalil:If this is about Layah then I_ Aaliyah:Yeah it's about Layah!How could you seriously lie straight to my face and tell me you dont have a girlfriend and then kiss me right before i leave.Really?! Khalil:Aaliyah,You dont understand I was ju_ Aaliyah:No you dont understand!You can have your damn hat back too! *Aaliyah throws the hat at khalil and walks into the gym.She sits in the bleachers and puts her head against the wall when she hears someone talking to her.* ?????:Hey.You Alright? *Aaliyah looks up and sees a boy staring at her.* ?????:You okaii? Aaliyah:Oh..umm..Yeah. *She wipes away a tear and sits up.* Lil Twist:Im lil twist but you can call me Twist. Aaliyah:Oh okaii.Well im Aaliyah. Twist:Why you so upset? Aaliyah:No reason. Twist:dere gotta be a reason for a shawty as beautiful as you to be cryin like dat. Aaliyah:Alright well, This guy that i really liked told me he was single then kissed me but he has a girlfriend and my sister told me he was a player but i didnt believe her. Twist:It was khalil wasnt it? Aaliyah:How'd you know that?! Twist:He my bestfriend and tells me everything.He just told me in the hallway and he was flippin out. Aaliyah:Oh. Twist:But i think he was just confused in what he wanted,I dont think he ment to hurt you. Aaliyah:But he did. Twist:Yeah.Again sorry about that. Aaliyah:Its not your fault but thanks tho. Twist no prob.Follow me. Aaliyah:Where we goin? Twist:I want you to meet somebody. *He leads her to a part of the gym where acouple girls and boys are laughin and talk.*Jawan:Wassup man? *Twist and jawan do handshake thingy* Twist:Nuttin much you? Jawan:Same.Who dis beauty? Twist:This Aaliyah.Aaliyah meet Jawan,Prodigy,Rocroyal,Kayla,Sierra and Sarai. Aaliyah:Hey.Sierra:Hi. Sarai:Hey. Kayla:Nice to meet you. Prodigy:Wassup? Rocroyal:Hows it goin? Jawan:Hey. Twist:She's new here yall should get to kno her she's pretty cool. Sarai:I love new people!Where you from? Aaliyah:Texas. Rocroyal:What part? Aaliyah:Houston. Prodigy:Ayye.We got a h-town lady on our hands! Aaliyah:Haha yeah. *they all start laughin and gettin to know eachother.*

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