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"Look! look!"I pointed to a commercial on tv showing that Khalil had chose the 3 teens."Well,Atleast we signed up the final day."Bahja wanted this just as much as i did.Televison:Okay now Khalil who are the three lucky ladies joining you on stage this weekend?"The first teen is Adasia Bradley,the second lovely lady is Kasey Bradae, and the last but certainly not least is....."Bahja and I squeezed eachothers hands so hard i could feel her cottoncandy pink, long nails stabbing into my skin.Televison:"..India Westbrooks!"Bahja was so pissed and turned off the tv."This is so unfair!Do you know how many times i clicked that damn button?!"She slouched in the couch and threw her feet on the ottoman."Calm down honey it's not all that worth to get worked up over."My momma sat down next to bahja and tried to calm her."Sure..."Bahja threw her feet back on the floor."Aaliyah,Kam come see i need to talk to all of y'all."She patted the spot right next to her for me to sit and for kam to plop on her lap."So as y'all should know i've been having really late shifts because our company is being switched to a different location."She pulled kameron up closer to her since she didnt really know how we were going to react to what she said next."So whats the big news?"I was kinda confused mostly because it didnt seem very important if they were just switching down the street."Well hun,My company is switching over to Sacremento,California_"I had to intterupt her one last time."So you're getting a new job?"I was more confused than ever."No sweetie,We're moving."She had to drop the bomb on us sooner or later."MOVING?!No!No!No!I am not moving!No way am i moving!i have too many friends down here to up and leave out of nowhere!What am i gonna do when there are abunch of people over there that i dont like and what if w_"She kept rambling on and on about her problems."BAHJA!"My momma's yelling is the loudest of them all.Proubally cause well she's from houston,Ghetto,stressed, and has 3 kids."What?!"She took a big gasp of air and calmed down."It's not all that serious we're moving next weekend."As she was trying to explain the situation to Bahja the calmest she could Kameron and his brown eyed little self was lost in the wind,watching the tv. Off."Next weekend?! but it's Sunday!"Thanks captain obvious."I know but we need to move early so we can settle in before i have to go back to work.Im off until next, next monday."She asked me if i understood then channeled back to throwed bahja."Alright fine.But if i do agree to move then yo_"My mom chirped in."Agree?!You aint agreein to nothin.If i say we movin.We movin!"And thats what you call my ghetto momma."Ugh fine!"Bahja stomped into our room and slammed the door.

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