________________________________AALIYAHS POV___________________________________

I slowly got up from the couch and went towards the stair taking two steps at a time with bahja folowing behind me. At the top of the stairs i looked around to see a white door slighty open revaling a xbox 360.

this must be her son* i though to my self*

I knocked on the door even though it was half open .

Come in    said a rather deep voice but not to deep but just right

I pushed open the door and saw a mixed race boy with brown eyes pic on side>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Hello you must be  Aaliyah nice to meet you

O MY FUCKIN GOSH that voice is too sexy my days am actually melting inside

N-Nice t-to meet you too  i replyed stuttering 

NO why am i stuttering he must think am a freak

(Bahja clears he throat) Hello am bahja

Hi bahja , so  you guys be starting maryview high school

Yea   Bahja and i sed in unison

Kool,so am going to be with you guy on your first day

_____________________________Bahjas pov_______________________________________

I just followed Aaliyah in to some room .

Come in .Said a deep voice

Am just going to keep quiet to see if they actually notice me 

Hello you must be Aaliyah

And Bahja i said to my self

N-Nice t-to meet you

Seriously Aaliyahs stuttering she must think hes cute . By the thoughts of it he aint bad looking.Thats it am interupting.

i clear my throat. Hello am Bahja

Hi Bahja, so you guys will be starting maryview high school

Yeah . Me and Aaliyah said at the same time

Kool, so am going to be with you on my first day



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